CYBORG Cyber Spin
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  1. About

    CYBORG Cyber Spin is a new gyroscopic thrill ride coming to Six Flags Great Adventure in 2018. Read More

    This log documents construction progress of the new ride, featuring our own photos along with any official updates from the park.

    Remember, we're just big fans of Great Adventure and are not officially associated with Six Flags.

  2. April 27
    Official Update From Six Flags
    Seats, Motors, Lights Attached
    The second Behind The Adventure video from the park shows more progression. The seats, motors, and some lights have been attached to the ride. The operator booth is being constructed.
  3. March 31
    Ride Frame Assembled
    On opening weekend for the park, CYBORG's main frame was mostly assembled. While the ride appears visually almost complete, this is just the first step.
    The passenger gondola, motors, giant hydraulic pistons, lighting, and so much more are yet to be attached. Most of the remaining parts are visible on-site, such as the lighting package on the other side of the fence and the passenger gondola sitting next to Justice League's queue.
  4. March 24
    Official Update From Six Flags
    Site Prep Started, Parts Arrive
    The first Behind The Adventure video from the park shows the initial site preparation.

    (Note: This video was posted on April 2nd, but only shows work that was completed well before our March 31st update. Because of that, we've backdated this to roughly March 24th.)
  5. August 31, 2017
    News Release from Six Flags

    First-of-its-Kind Thrill Ride to Debut at Six Flags Great Adventure

    JACKSON, N.J. — Six Flags Great Adventure, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, today announced that it will premiere the world's first thrill ride themed to the DC Super Hero CYBORG in 2018. Inspired by the movement of a gyroscope, CYBORG Cyber Spin will deliver an unrelenting and intense anti-gravity experience as it whirls guests on three axes high above the ground.

    “Six Flags leads the industry in thrill ride innovation; it is part of our DNA,” said Park President Neal Thurman. “Six Flags Great Adventure is home to an unparalleled collection of record-breaking attractions and we are excited to be adding CYBORG Cyber Spin, the first of its kind in North America. Like the Super Hero CYBORG of the JUSTICE LEAGUE, this futuristic, hi-tech ride will be unlike anything our guests have ever seen or experienced before and it is the perfect new thrill ride to expand our new Metropolis section.”

    CYBORG Cyber Spin features a unique futuristic triple box design that allows the gondola to spin around three separate axes while rotating forward, backwards and sideways simultaneously at up to 70 feet in the air for intense and continuous movement. Seated 24 across with over-the-shoulder harnesses, riders will experience a thrilling combination of negative and positive gravitational forces. By night—this bold, new attraction promises to light up the New Jersey skies beckoning thrill seekers from near and far.

    CYBORG Cyber Spin highlights include:

    • Unpredictable flips and pivots at heights up to seven stories (70 feet) above the ground;
    • Floorless seats that leave riders’ feet dangling as they whirl through the air;
    • Dazzling nighttime light display; and
    • Located in Metropolis adjacent to JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis.

    CYBORG Cyber Spin is expected to debut in late spring of 2018. For more information about next season at Six Flags Great Adventure, visit