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The Returning Of SNL?

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#1 Josh Davidson

Josh Davidson

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Posted 23 October 2009 - 02:02 PM

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For those who have seen our brand new "beloved" fireworks show for this season, I believe we can all agree that it isn't just a step up for our theme park, but a step up from other firework shows that have gone throughout our park's history. Plus adding onto the fact with the Glow in the Park Parade, our park is slowly becoming a night time destination.

But problems this year have led to concern, as many of us saw during our Online Day at the park on October 3rd. Due to its location, and the conditions of the Jersey summer and fall, it isn't necessarily the best for our park. Obviously it is a hit from the general public and enthusiasts eyes... when the show isn't canceled. The show has been canceled a good handful this year, one that obviously got the park concerned for future shows. I mean really, it is a amazing show for everyone and the park obviously wants to keep it... but the fact that many shows have been canceled leaves the general public annoyed as well as the park for having firework shells just waiting to be launched.

Mark Kane addressed that there is no word if this show is returning for next season. Glow in the Park Parade at this time last year was a sure thing of returning.. but our kickass fireworks seems skeptical. I am curious to hear other peoples thoughts on this subject.
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#2 CoasterPrince


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Posted 23 October 2009 - 02:19 PM

When your looking through the "High-Ups" Eyes...it's stupid to have them return. They had cancled shows out the rear last year but IMO, I'd love them back. There amazing and for them to be said better than Disney is not just a victory....it's ownage.
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Posted 23 October 2009 - 02:22 PM

You have to weigh the negitives and positives in something like this. I would like to see them back, however at what cost? As we saw many times this year they did not go off, cause of the weather. I dont think they will be back, i think we will see something diffrent.
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#4 Thunderbolt


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Posted 23 October 2009 - 04:30 PM

Odd that Disney can keep their fireworks show going in the far more temperamental Florida Summer. It really comes down to money. 'Saturday Night Lights' is an extravaganza. It's not a "run of the mill" fireworks event. As it is, Great Adventure has a shortened version of the "Rock Loves" show. I wouldn't be surprised to find out Pyrotecnico staff are on-site, to produce the show, at an additional cost (pure speculation). One of Shapiro's first contradictory cuts, was the far more subdued fireworks show in mid-2006. I'd imagine the park produced fireworks show, was by far less expensive.

I'd cut concerts before fireworks, but nobody paid me to push a company into bankruptcy.
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#5 rsf8405


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Posted 23 October 2009 - 04:59 PM

I would love to see them come back.I only got to see them from afar this year but I heard they were awesome.I could be wrong but I think it did alot of good for the park this year,even the nights they had to cancel.They drew people into the park and that fact that they didn't have to use the shells some nights saved them money.Its disappointing when they have to be canceled but people have already had a great day just from being in one of the coolest places around.I wish they could do it every night,expecting it to be canceled a few times,that way everybody can see it.I know that's really not likely though.I really really hope the Parade is going to be coming back,my whole family from 1year to 56 years loves it.
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#6 sfgadviper



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Posted 23 October 2009 - 07:36 PM

Well even after being hit with a shell and having ash in my eyes I still say bring it back. Those that had the chance to see it loved it and even though SNL season was extended the show did go on. GADV always had some type of FW show and when we lost it last year it was devistating. Maybe make a show integrating the water screen from QoC and a storyline as well similar to QoC which would cut down on the amount of fireworks. It might also allow for a closing spectacle where the fireworks wouldn't be necessary on those questionable weather evenings. However, having nothing is so anti-climatic and sad. The parade is nice but it does not close out an evening in my opinion.
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Posted 24 October 2009 - 04:59 PM

I think that the name Saturday Night Lights might not be back, but the concept of insane and great fireworks will come back. I would like to see a Weekend only fireworks, not just on Saturdays. Of course, new fireworks would have to be added to make the "new" firework show to look newer and some other things would have to change. Yet, i do think SNL will be back, but not possibly the same as it was this year.
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#8 scaresfan


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Posted 26 October 2009 - 02:53 PM

As super impressive as it was, a couple of things strike me as bigger problems.

With regards to Disney, although the Florida weather is more tempramental, truthfully, the rains are predictably around 3 during the summer. But the heat seems to dry up the rains fast and if the launching tubes are covered and on the top of buildings, it's much easier to deal with keeping the shells dry by the time the fireworks go on. I think the times are also earlier than the 10pm showings GAdv does as well, so that could have an effect as well.

The number of shells and the small area to work with seems to be another issue as all 2.1x I saw it, the smoke blocked a lot of the shells, and it is visible on the videos taken from the technical preview. More time is needed to clear the smoke between groups, and the water screens might help to give time between large groupings. The pyro fan in me doesn't like to think about the need for this, but it's no fun when 100 shells go off and all anyone can see is the glow behind a thick cloud of smoke.

I also think this year's weather was more of a problem than any other year, so the rainouts were abnormally high in number. I guess we'll see in a few months when the dismal numbers for all parks in the northeast come in and we see if they affect budgets or not.
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#9 1JJ


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Posted 26 October 2009 - 07:49 PM

This is really easy for me and I've been vocal about my opinion recently. While I like the fact that the fireworks were brought back and I liked the idea of having constant fireworks going off every second.....this unfortunately doesn't work for our venue. If you need to cancel 20% of your shows because of the weather its a problem and you can't make it another Ka situation where you have guests excited to see it and then you have to cancel it. The last thing this park needs is another unreliable attraction! Isn't that what they have been fighting so hard to change?!

A fireworks show in our venue needs breaks in between fireworks....such as in past shows where they used the mist screen.....in fact to be quite honest if they brought the show back from the 2002 year that would be amazing cause I always felt that was the best fireworks show I've ever seen outisde disney!

I mean you can see disney knows this as well when the fireworks are high in the air it doesn't matter how many you fire.....like in wishes. But when theiur low to the ground like in illuminations you have to have some kind of break in between or too much smoke accumulates.....hence the 10 minute globe in the middle of illuminations.

So do I thin its worth bringing the fireworks back? In the future....OF COARSE but a different show utilizing some kind of break in between firework displays....but as far as bringing the current show back next year I just don't feel its worth the money right now esspecially when the glow in the park parade can provide the perfect evening ending every night and is much more reliable.

Right now I think the money is better spent on other more needed things for next season than an unreliable fireworks display as good as it may be when weather conditions permit.
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#10 Coasterfusion


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Posted 26 October 2009 - 09:24 PM

After watching the show one Saturday Night we met up with Frank Murphy and he told us that Pyrotecnico is onsite every Monday to set up the pyro. They then cover it and come back on Saturday to check it out and then showtime. So they must be paying them for that as well. He also told us it cost them $18 grand per show.....

My personal belief, I don't think this will be coming back. As much as I loved the show and would want it to come back next year, I cannot help but think to myself that they will do what they do with everything else. Just like Industrial Movement which I was in, they didn't bring back the next year. So my vote is a no go for next year!
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