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Posted 10 March 2012 - 11:37 AM

Hello to all of our CEITs and New Members! This is a guide to the forums and the Amusement Industry!

For starters, Welcome to Great Adventure Online! We are happy to have you as a part of our online community!

If you haven't yet, check out our Roller Coasters 101 thread, which provides a great explanation on roller coasters, by clicking HERE.

While reading through the forums, you may stumble upon some abbreviations and terms you may not be familiar with, so I am here to teach you all of the lingo.

Almost every park has an abbreviation for its name. The abbreviation usually consists of the initials of the park. For example, Six Flags Magic Mountain's abbreviation is SFMM. However, if two parks have the same initials, like Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags Great America, the first one or two letters in the last word will be added on to the abbreviation. So, Six Flags Great Adventure's initials are SFGAdv and Six Flags Great America's initials are SFGAm.
Also, every roller coaster at SFGAdv (except Nitro and Bizarro) has an abbreviation on this site. They are listed below
Batman: The Ride - BTR
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train - BBLTT
Bizarro - Bizarro
The Dark Knight - TDK
El Toro - ET
Green Lantern - GL
Kingda Ka - KK or Ka
Nitro - Nitro
Road Runner Railway - RRR
Rolling Thunder - RT
Runaway Mine Train - RMT
Skull Mountain - SM or Skully
Superman: Ultimate Flight - SUF
Also, SkyScreamer has the initials SS

And Safari off road adventure is SORA


When it comes to sectons of the park there are some that are commonly abbreviated and some that are not commonly abbreviated, for whatever the reason the commonly abbreviated sections tend to be the newest created sections within the past decade or so; while the not commonly abbreviated sections have been around for longer.  The only exception to this is fantasy forest which does normally get abbreviated.


Here are the commonly abbreviated sections of the park:


Fantasy Forest - FF

Golden Kingdom - GK

Plaza Del Carneval - PDC

Bugs Bunny National Park - BBNP

Adventure Alley - AA

Balin's Jungle Land - BJL

Wiggle's World - WW

Safari Kids - SK


Here are sections of the park that are not normally abbreviated.  You can use the abbreviation shown but know that, that is rare and you may even confuse some of the veteran posters if you use them.  


Main street - suggest no abbreviation, but MS is acceptable

Lakefront - Suggest no abbreviation but LF is acceptable

Movie Town - Suggest no abbreviation but MT is acceptable

Boardwalk - Suggest no abbreviation but BW is acceptable

Frontierland - Suggest no abbreviation or simply "frontier" but FL is acceptable


By reading the Roller Coasters 101 thread, you will be educated on all of the important coaster terms. One term that is used often on these forums are "Flat Rides" or "Flats". This means carnival, non-coaster rides that are located throughout amusement parks, like Ferris Wheels, Carousels, Drop Towers, and Buccaneers, to name a few.

There are also terms for different parts of a roller coaster course. They are listed below.

Queue - This is the noun used to talk about the sidewalk/pathway that you line up in to wait to ride.

Station - The place where riders board/unboard the coaster after waiting in the queue.

Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia's Station and Queue

Lift Hill - A long, gradual rise where the train is elevated up the track through the power of a lift chain/cable.

Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia's lift hill

First Drop - Usually known as the tallest and fastest drop on the coaster.

Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia's First Drop

Inversion - Any element on a roller coaster that flips you upside down; inverting and inverted are variations of this term. (However please note that the term "invert" does NOT relate to this definition AT ALL please see below for the "Invert" definition) When describing the below picture someone might say this coaster is an inverting coaster that features 3 inversions. That means its a coaster that flips you upside down and it flips you upside down 3 times:

Invert- This term means a specific type of coaster built by a specific roller coaster designer. The Bolliger & Mabillard designer builds a roller coaster that hangs under the rails and features 4-across seating; this type of coaster is known as an "invert" or "B&M invert" (for Bolliger & Mabillard). Batman: The ride is an example of an invert as is this coaster below:

Camelback - A tall, non-inverting hill that a coaster climbs over.

Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia climbing over a camelback

Loop - A single-inverting, non twisting inversion on many roller coasters.

Wild Eagle at Dollywood's loop

Immelman - An single-inverting inversion that begins with a half-loop and twists out of it after inverting.

Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg passing through an Immelman

Dive Loop - The opposite of an Immelman, with the train beginning with a twisting inversion before completing with a half loop.

Bizarro at Six Flags Great Adventure proceeding through a Dive Loop

Zero G Roll - A single-inverting inversion where the train heavily banks 360 degrees at the crest of a hill to create an inversion.

Bizarro at Six Flags Great Adventure rolling through a Zero G Roll

Cobra Roll - A double-inverting complex inversion. A train enters a half loop, followed by two half corkscrews, then another half loop to create a "boomerang" effect. If you note the look of the inversion below you will note that it looks a lot like the head of a king cobra, hence the name.

Bizarro at Six Flags Great Adventure zooming through a Cobra Roll

Corkscrew - A single inverting, twisting inversion that flips riders in a circular motion.

Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure's corkscrew

Pretzel Loop - An element commonly used on B&M Flying coasters that allows riders to perform a summer-sault motion.

Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great Adventure completing a Pretzel Loop

Heartline/Barrel Roll - An inversion that twist riders 360 degrees around the riders heartline, flipping them once.

Hydra: The Revenge at Dorney Park performing a Heartline Roll

Butterfly - A rare inversion only found on Vekoma coasters. It inverts riders twice.

Goudurix at Parc Asterix's butterfly inversion.

LIM - Linear Induction Motors used for launching.

California Screamin' at Disneyland utilizing LIMs

LSM - Linear Synchronous Motors used for launching.

Maverick at Cedar Point utilizing a LSM lift hill

MCBR - Mid-Course Brake Run used to slow the train down mid-course.

A train passing through the MCBR on Mantis at Cedar Point

FBR - Final Brake Run used to bring the train to a complete stop.

Nitro's train sitting in an FBR at Six Flags Great Adventure

We here on the forums also talk about different amusement ride manufacturers and the types of rides they make. Below is a list of some amusement ride manufacturers.

Arrow Dynamics - A defunct roller coaster design firm that created some of the grandfathers of the modern roller coaster such as Runaway Mine Train, Magnum XL 200, and Great American Scream Machine. Arrow Dynamics was the first manufacturer to utilize tubular steel rails, allowing for inversions and faster speeds. These rails are a part of Arrow's skeleton-esque track.

Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure

Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) - One of the two current big companies in the industry. B&M is commonly known for their smooth and graceful coasters which are sometimes dubbed as the Ferraris of roller coasters. Manufacturer of roller coasters such as Nitro, Bizarro, Green Lantern, Superman: Ultimate Flight, and Batman: The Ride.

(Top) A picture of B&M's box-style track. (Bottom) Green Lantern and Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great Adventure

Chance Morgan - A smaller company, yet a revolutionary part of the industry. Mainly designs hyper/mega coasters utilizing track similar to Arrow's skeleton shape. Manufacturer of Steel Force, Wild Thing, Superman: El Ultimo Escape, and Mamba.

Steel Force at Dorney Park

Custom Coasters International (CCI) - A defunct wooden coaster manufacturer who created Boulder Dash, Raven, Zeus, and Legend. All of their coasters utilize PTC wooden coaster trains.

Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce utilizing PTC trains

Dinn Corporation - A wooden coaster manufacturer known for rough coasters such as Mean Streak, Wild One, and Wolverine Wildcat. Like CCI, Dinn coasters operate with PTC trains.

Mean Streak at Cedar Point

Gerstlauer - German coaster manufacturer known for their Euro Fighter coasters, such as Mystery Mine, Dare Devil Dive, Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge, and their spinning coasters such as Pandemonium and Fairly Odd Coaster. Gerstlauer is a part of a group of companies known as Ride Entertainment.

Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia

Giovanola - Steel supplier for many roller coasters. They also manufactured a few coasters of their own like Titan and Goliath, which operated on B&M's track style.

Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain

The Gravity Group (GG) - Wooden coaster manufacturer that has designed some of the world's top wooden coasters such as The Voyage and Ravine Flyer II. Also, they are testing a new type of train dubbed as "Timberliners". The Gravity Group's coasters are built with a steel structure, with wooden track. This type of architecture is called as a "hybrid" structure.

(Top) The Voyage at Holiday World (Bottom) Timberliner Trains

Great Coasters International (GCI) - Wooden coaster manufacturer known for their smooth, twisty wooden coasters. Designed their own trains pinned as "Millennium Flyers". This company designed coasters such as Wildcat, Lightning Racer, and Thunderhead.

(Top) Renegade at Valleyfair! (Bottom) GCI's Millennium Flyers

Intamin - Along with B&M, Intamin is currently one of the lead companies in the industry. Intamin is known for their pushing-the-envelope max thrill coasters, but offers a wide variety of amusement rides. Intamin coasters typically operate on triangular track, with the exception of their newer hyper coasters, which operate on double-spined track. Intamin is the manufacturer of many popular coasters such as El Toro, Kingda Ka, Bizarro (SFNE), Skull Mountain, and Millennium Force.

Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa operating on Intamin's triangular shaped track.

Mack Rides - German roller coaster manufacturer who designs a variety of amusement rides. Mack Rides owns Europa Park amusement park in Germany, which is almost like a display park for all of their prototypes. Mack manufacturers rides like The Dark Knight Coaster, Blue Fire, and Manta (SWSD).

Blue Fire at Europa Park, a Mack launched coaster.

Maurer Sohne - Coaster manufacturer known for their X-Car coasters, like Hollywood Rip Ride, Rockit and X Coaster. These coasters operate on a track that looks like a mix between B&M style and Chance style.

Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit at Universal Studios Florida

Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters (PTC) - American wooden coaster manufacturers whose trains are used on most of the world's wooden coasters.

Blue Streak at Cedar Point running with PTC trains

Pinfari - Coaster manufacturer known for their small coasters, like a Zyklon, found at seaside parks and smaller parks. Manufacturer of Rollies Coaster at Morey's Piers.

Rollies Coaster at Morey's Piers

Premier Rides - American coaster manufacturer whom is known for their launching coasters. Manufacturer of Batman and Robin: The Chiller, Joker's Jinx, and SkyRocket.

Batman and Robin: The Chiller at Six Flags Great Adventure

S&S Worldwide (S&S) - Coaster manufacturer who bought out Arrow Dynamics. They make a variety of coasters, however their most popular model is the El Loco.

Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach

Schwarzkopf - Anton Schwarzkopf is one of the legends of the coaster industry, manufacturing coasters like SooperDooperLooper and Revolution.

SooperDooperLooper at Hersheypark

TOGO - Defunct Japanese coaster manufacturer known for some of the roughest coasters in existance, such as the late Viper at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Viper at Six Flags Great Adventure

Vekoma - Dutch coaster manufacturer known for their rough and repeated coasters, like Boomerangs and Suspended Looping Coasters(SLC). However, Vekoma also makes smoother, less repeated coasters as well.

(Top) Sea Serpent at Morey's Piers, a Vekoma Boomerang (Bottom) Fly the Great Nor'Easter at Morey's Piers, a Vekoma SLC

Zamperla - Italian coaster manufacturer who operates Luna Park, Scream Zone, and The Coney Island Cyclone in Brooklyn, New York. Zamperla tends to make smaller coasters, such as The Tickler and Road Runner Railway.

Soarin' Eagle at Scream Zone, a larger Zamperla coaster

Zierer - Coaster manufacturer known for their smaller coasters called "Tivoli"s, like Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train. Also manufactures of launched freefall coasters like Verbolten.

Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train, a Zierer Tivoli coaster


While reading through the forums, you may come across a topic you would like to voice your opinion on. If you are a registered member, you can post a reply and join the conversation.


1. Under any circumstance, do not reveal any park secrets. That is confidential information that belongs to Six Flags Great Adventure.
2. No cursing is allowed on the forums.
3. Have fun!


Here is a guide to the forum system and how to post:


1. Vote this post up (Give the poster reputation points)
2. Quote the previous post in your post.
3. This is how you quote multiple posts
4. Thread navigation
5. Click this to add your own personal reply to the conversation.
6. Click this to start a new thread in the forums.
7. Fast Reply, an easy way to reply to the thread.
8. Switch to the full editor like the one used in 5^.


1. Change the font
2. Change the size
3. Change the color of the text
4. Redo
5. Undo
6. Help
7. Expand the editing window
8. Contract the editing window
9. Bold
10. Italics
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13. Subscript
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15. Bullets
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18. Post a link
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24. Indent
25. Align left
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28. Attach a file
29. Configure post options
30. Add Reply (Post New Topic)
31. Preview Post (See what it looks like before posting)

I hope this helped in your training, young grasshoppers. smile.gif If you have any questions, feel free to post them below or PM (Personal Message) any of the Great Adventure Online Staff (just look for a green or blue member name). Also, please don't be afraid to post anywhere on the forums, for we would love to hear your opinion!

On behalf of Great Adventure Online, we welcome you, to the world of the Amusement Industry and our forums. smile.gif

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