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Posted 21 April 2012 - 05:59 PM

I took another trip to the park today, expecting it to be somewhat crowded with it being Boy Scout Weekend and since it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow, anyone who would have went tomorrow might have gone today.

With the current rope drop setup which I am guessing is only temporary until most people have processed their passes and the Boardwalk area open before 10:30, it causes most people to not go to the rope drop areas and get in line for Superman and Green Lantern outside the entrance to the ride before the park opens so a few minutes after opening, they already have lines and the lines only get worse for those 2 rides as the day progresses.

I got to Green Lantern around 10:15 and waited for the ride to open and got the 3rd train of the day. Before I even boarded the train, I saw half the switchbacks at the end of the queue were already full so I didn't want to take the time for another ride, especially with the single rider line closed. I hadn't ridden Superman yet this year so went there next and waited around 10 minutes for a middle row. They had 4 ride ops checking restraints which I have never seen before and it made a huge difference in how fast the trains were loaded and dispatched with little to no stacking. I hope this is a permanent change.

I went to Kingda Ka next with the line on the ramp out of the station and it was around 10 minutes. I thought it was interesting they were allowing people to wait on the ramp right near where the train launches after they got rid of the viewing area because it was too close to the launch area.

Since Frontier Adventures was now open and I expected the Log Flume to get a very long line later in the day, I went there next waiting a few minutes. It's still my favorite non coaster ride in the park and I hope the park keeps it for a long time.

Bizarro was next, running 3 trains which was nice to see but dispatches were somewhat slow causing stacking and almost double stacking even with the trains not going out full. I got 3 rides having to walk around once and went to Runaway Mine Train. At the end of the ride there are a ton of bees flying around which was causing a lot of people to freak out.

I went back to the Log Flume which was now just past the stairs and less than 10 minutes. I saw the Skyway was now running empty cars so I waited a couple of minutes to see if it would open and I was surprised to see both sides running. From the Skyway I saw Green Lantern's line was now almost to the switchbacks at the end of the queue which was probably at least an hour wait. After exiting the Skyway I went to Nitro which still has the 3rd train taken apart. The line was at the bottom of the stairs and would have been less than 10 minutes but it broke down for a few minutes and the total wait was around 15 minutes. I was hoping to get multiple rides in when I saw how short the line was but by the time I exited the ride, the line was past the 60 minute sign and dispatches were taking longer than normal possibly because of the breakdown (they were waiting after the train was loaded and checked to dispatch the trains after the breakdown) so I figured it was at least a 30 minute wait and didn't want to wait that long for another ride.

The Dark Knight had the doors open to the pre-show and I liked how they were waiting until the room was full to close the doors so you could walk into the pre-show after it was half over avoiding most of the wait you normally have for the ride even when the park isn't crowded.

Skull Mountain was next, waiting 2 trains for the last row and then I walked around for another ride. Towards the end of the ride, there was some light in the building because it looked like there was some kind of work being done in that area.

Blackbeard's was next, having to wait 1 cycle. It had at least a 2 cycle wait by the time I exited the ride. There was a special entrance to the park next to Blackbeard's for the Boy Scouts which I am guessing is near where they are camping over the weekend. I decided to go back to the Boardwalk to see if Green Lantern's single rider line had opened. The ride had broken down and after spending a lot of time in line during a breakdown and not getting ride last week, I decided against attempting another ride today.

I walked back to Kingda Ka only to find the ride shut down and a guard near Splash Water Oasis not letting anyone past that point meaning the ride wouldn't be running anytime soon.

Plaza Del Carnaval was next and I was surprised to see Rolling Thunder having both sides open. I went to the left track since that side is barely open and found out they were only running 1 train on that side with about a 15 minute wait. The right side had 2 trains running and maybe a 2 train wait. The ride ops made an announcement for people to go to the right side instead to have a shorter wait but hardly anyone left. I still stayed on the left side since I was willing to wait a little longer, but I would have expected most people wouldn't care which track they rode and would just want to get to the ride with as short of a wait as possible. It reminds me at Kingda Ka a couple of years ago when the left loading areas had hardly anyone there and they couldn't send out the trains because they weren't full while the right loading areas had a full station and the ride ops asked people to move to the left side to fill the trains and have a shorter wait and hardly anyone listened to them.

The train went too far past where it was supposed to go causing it to not line up with the air gates. Since the GP can't figure out where the row they were waiting for actually was on the train with it not being directly in front of them, I had to get the 3rd row of a car but had been waiting for a non wheel seat. It was a little rough but not horrible. I went back to the right side and waited 1 train for the front row. The left side seems smoother than the right side and wish it was the left side that was run more often instead of the right side.

I stopped at Tango and finished the day with 2 rides at Runaway Mine Train so I could get a total of 20 rides for the day. The lot was about 1/3 full when I left the park but lines were a little longer than they should have been for the size of the crowds since Kingda Ka and Green Lantern were closed (Green Lantern had broken down again when I was leaving the park). It was my best trip to the park this season since I really didn't wait in any long lines and was able to get more rides in than past trips to the park this year.

Ride Count:
Green Lantern, 1x
Superman, 1x
Kingda Ka, 1x
Saw Mill Log Flume, 2x
Bizarro, 3x
Runaway Mine Train, 3x
Skull Mountain, 2x
The Dark Knight, 1x
Nitro, 1x
Blackbeard's, 1x
Tango, 1x
Skyway, 1x
Rolling Thunder Left, 1x
Rolling Thunder Right, 1x
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Posted 23 April 2012 - 09:32 PM

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 11:35 AM

I agree about Rolling Thunder, the left side was a lot less violent than the right. Though, neither ride was even remotely smooth. haha
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Posted 30 April 2012 - 12:00 PM

I always wondered why the right side was the side always kept open instead of the left. But lets also remeber that most of the reason the left side is smoother is probably because it gets less use....soo its kinda a catch 22 lol. If it was the other way around and the left side got more use we would probably be saying the same thing right now about the right side instead :P. Although layout wise I do prefer the left side since it hits the big hill right away
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