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Tr 5/6/2012

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#1 robertleax


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Posted 09 May 2012 - 02:08 PM

I decided for the third time going to GA, I took my son's 2 friends along with my daughter. Used the $16.99 bring a friend coupons (we have 5 left til June/4 season passes booklets) and arrived at the park by 10am. Unlike the other 2 time where we went directly to the rides we wanted to go to, they kept us at the fountain. Got alittle crowded before the rope drop but after that it seemed ok.

I'm not a GL fan (seems to hurt my ears/head) but since the other kids wanted to do that 1st, we headed over there. 1st train out, middle rows. Still banged my head alot but not that bad.

Next was SUF. Again I would not wait more that 15 minutes for this but we were able to walk right up the steps. 2 train wait.

KK was next, about a 5 minute wait for the back rows. I wish they let the other people off earlier so when the train comes in it's empty. Still it was not too slow.

El Toro was next, walked right on near the back few rows and I sat next to someone who just rode it 5 times in a row. Great ride and wanted to ride it again but since my son's 2 friends have never been to GA before we just went on once, then went to Bizarro.

Bizarro was a walk on, had 2 rerides and my son and 1 of his friends had 3. Just a fun ride that's alittle boring but I guess we are spoiled having a ride that we be rode over and over again.

Log Flume was next. It was only about 12noon by now and since I was the 5th person, I decided to sit at the restaurant and have beer while the kids walked right now. I even noticed some people had rerides on that!. Well i'm glad I did not go on it because my son and his friends go so wet that I actually had to pay for the drying machine!!!

Next up, Skyway, longest wait at 10 minutes.

Went to the car to eat lunch for about 1/2 hour. Still love to watch people coming in a 1pm while we did have the park in 2 hours.

Went to skull mountain next. I rode it 3 times in a row while everyone else rode it 5 times without getting off. Even forgot the soda bottle (had to go back to get the bottle---rode it again).

Nitro was next, 1 train wait. Everyone loves this ride and could have gone on it again but still wanted the "newbies" to try and ride every coaster.

TDK was a walk in to preshow and 5 minute wait after that (I stayed back since again the trains only hold 4 people) and then BTR which was about a 10 minute wait.

While my daughter and I sat back, they rode Tornado (can I call that still?) and the pirate ship.

It was hitting 3pm so we wre going to hit Houdini but it had a long line so we skipped that and headed home (I had to cut my grass and the Flyers were playing that night...which I don't even want to talk about).

It was a nice day but if it was my kids and I we would have hit KK and El Toro several times 1st and skip GL and SUF. Still wishing that there were more shows to break up the day and we would stay longer but...

Probably going this Sunday the 12th and absolutely we are going the 19th (for Skyscreamer). Or we might even try Saturday the 18th, but scared about going to the park on a Saturday with the crowds. We are very spoiled when we go on Sunday's.
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#2 Yoshi


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Posted 09 May 2012 - 02:48 PM

It was less crowded than I would have thought and it sounds like it was a great day for rerides.
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#3 Rob


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Posted 10 May 2012 - 08:23 AM

I wasn't working that day. It seems whenever someone goes to the park, I am never working. :P
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#4 robertleax


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Posted 10 May 2012 - 09:49 AM

It would have been even better for rerides for us, but since we had 2 kids that were never at the park before we did alot more walking from ride to ride instead of hitting some of the better rides that we like (KK, El Toro, Nitro) several times in a row.

We always seems lucky going on Sundays in May and even part of June.

And since I started a new job in Jan and it's a Mon-Fri job, the only days we will go is a Sunday (or maybe a Sat but I doubt it).
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