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Trip Report 10/6/13

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#1 Chinskins


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Posted 07 October 2013 - 04:34 PM

Hi all!  This is my first trip report, so I hope you like it!


My girlfriend and I got to the park right when it opened at 10:30.  It was quite foggy, you couldn't even see the top of Kingda Ka!  My mom and sister were bringing my 7 year old nephews (it was their birthday) for their first GADV trip a bit later in the day, so the gf and I decided to knock out some of the 54" rides before they got there.  Buuuuut we noticed there was no line on Sky Screamer so we went for a leisurely swing in the fog to start the day off!  Then we headed over to Batman, where we got right on the front row.  I haven't ridden it in a few years for one reason or another, but man, what an intense ride that still is!  Next we popped over to Nitro, where we got 2 straight rides on the back row, no lines at all!


After that, we moseyed over to Kingda Ka, which we saw was finally running now that the mist and fog had lifted.  10 minute wait for the second row, except 2 trains before we got on, the dreaded "Minor Technical Difficulties." This literally happened to us every time we went to the park this year.  They really have to sort that ride out, especially if Zumanjaro brings some crowds back to that area.  We waited in vain for 20 minutes, then abandoned ship and headed over to Green Lantern, where we only waited about 15 minutes.  While waiting, we saw them testing Ka again, and got annoyed, but after 3 rollbacks in 4 test attempts, we knew that it just wasn't Ka's day.


A break for lunch and the arrival of the family meant the rest of the day was all about my twin nephew's first trip!  They are about 50", so that was our limit going forward.  We started them out easy on the runaway train, which they loved.  Then it was time for a much bigger beast: El Toro!  Only one of them was intrepid enough to ride the bull, and of course he wanted to sit next to his bad butt uncle :-).  He was a little nervous on the way up, but a firm handhold throughout the ride helped him love it!  He's the little adventurer for sure.


After that, we took a skyride over to Skull Mountain and the Dark Knight, then made our way through some of the flats in the middle like Deja Vu, Sky Screamer again (this time with nephews), and Buccaneer (back row baby!).  Then we took them on Blackbeard, which they still loved, even after going on Toro (kids are funny), checked out some zombies near the fountain, and then they headed out for the day.


GF and I decided to try Ka one more time.  Got their to a 15 minute wait, and as soon as we got in line, one train launched, and then it was "Minor Technical Difficulty" time again!  I must be the rides Kryptonite.  You win 2013, Ka, but we'll meet again.  That was it for the day, so we left around 7:15!


Final Counts:

Sky Screamer 2x

Batman 1x

Nitro 2x

Green Lantern 1x

Runaway Train 1x

El Toro 1x

Skyride 1x

Skull Mountain 1x

Dark Knight 1x

Deja Vu 1x

Buccaneer 1x

Blackbeard 1x


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#2 Yoshi


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Posted 07 October 2013 - 07:29 PM

Nice report. It doesn't sound like it was that crowded. Kingda Ka seems to be having more problems lately. It broke down Friday night and the Friday before that. That's one reason I'm not willing to get in line for the coaster if its more than a 15 or 20 minute wait since its not worth spending time in line when it could be for nothing if it ends up breaking down.

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#3 Chinskins


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Posted 07 October 2013 - 10:46 PM

Thanks! Yeah, it wasn't bad at all. I would say the longest we waited for anything was 15 minutes, except the Ka breakdown. And yes, I agree, it's really not worth it if the wait at Ka is more than 15 minutes. It's very frustrating that it's basically a coin flip to get on it in a 15 minute window.

Maybe this is the optimist in me, but I hope it gets some TLC as they rehab and expand Golden Kingdom for Zumanjaro!
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