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5/2/14 Photo Trip Report

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Posted 03 May 2014 - 06:12 PM

I got to the park at 1:15 and as expected there were not many cars there but a lot of buses from school trips.


I started with Nitro as usual, with the line just under 10 minutes. I walked around for another ride and went to Batman. The line was barely out of the station and like Nitro was just under 10 minutes. Batman is so forceful that even with no wait, it's not something I ride more than twice in a row.


Skull Mountain was next with no wait and just crowded enough to have to walk around for another ride. I went back to Nitro with a station wait and then The Dark Knight with a few minute wait to get into the pre-show. Batman's line was now at the bottom of the stairs but moved faster than earlier. I went back to Nitro again with a station wait and took the Skyway over to Frontier Adventures. Runaway Mine Train had no wait.


After 2 rides I walked over to Bizarro that had no one in the station except for the front row so I went to the back row. I walked around and again went to the back row. Sitting on the right side, I forgot how you get pulled over the first drop in the last row. 2 trains were running with little to no stacking.


Green Lantern had 2 trains running and unlike last week, all rows were open. With the station mostly empty, I went to the last row and was able to re-ride. From Green Lantern I saw Superman had an empty station and went there next walking onto the front row.


I wanted to get a couple more rides at Nitro and went back towards the coaster stopping at Blackbeard's since it was loading when I walked past it. Nitro had no wait and I got 2 more rides to finish the trip. I noticed after 6 when the park closed, a lot of schools were walking towards the Stunt Arena for the music competition awards ceremony.


It was yet another great trip to the park.


Ride Count:

Nitro, 6x

Batman, 2x

Skull Mountain, 2x

The Dark Knight, 1x

Blackbeard's, 1x

Green Lantern, 2x

Superman, 1x

Skyway, 1x

Runaway Mine Train, 2x

Bizarro, 2x












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