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5/9/14 Photo Trip Report

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 11:43 PM

I wasn't sure if I was going to get to the park this week but was able to go for the last few hours the park was open on Friday, getting to the park around 3:30.


Nitro was first with 3 trains running and the line on the stairs. After walking around for a 2nd ride I went to Batman with no wait except for the front. The Dark Knight was about 10 minutes including the pre-show and Skull Mountain was a walk on.


The Skyway had 1 side open with less than a 5 minute wait. At the other station, the line to return to the Dream Street Station looked to be around 15 minutes. Runaway Mine Train had no wait and there were a lot of bees near the brake run.


The Saw Mill Log Flume is open for the season and had about a 5 minute wait. From the ride you could see the Fright Fest trail still setup. I don't remember in past years if they kept it setup during the rest of the year.


Bizarro had 3 trains running with no wait. After a walk on in the front row, I moved to the last row for a re-ride.


At Best of the West I had an issue with the dining pass. The person in front of me at the register was having trouble with the cashier trying to use their employee discount to ring up correctly. When I went to the register, after the pass was scanned it said I had to pay $1 even though I had a regular cheeseburger that is included with the dining pass. I showed the cashier on the screen it was showing a bacon cheeseburger so she called over a manager and re-rung it. It still was coming up as a bacon cheeseburger and a $1 charge. The cashier then told me that cheeseburgers are not included (even after I pointed out on the menu board it is included) and the dining pass only covers $9.75 and you have to pay for anything that is ordered more than that. Both of those things were incorrect. She called over the manager again who told her to ring it up as another item on the menu.


After that I went back to Runaway Mine Train and the Saw Mill Log Flume both with no wait. Someone was at the coin operated sprayers but thankfully he was only trying to soak other students from the school trip he was with.


Green Lantern and Superman had 1 train running with no wait and the Parachutes had 1 side open with no one in line.


Blackbeard's had no wait so I stopped there and then went back to Skull Mountain walking onto the last row. Nitro was now running 2 trains with no wait except for the front. I was able to get a re-ride and then finished the day at Batman. There was no one in line and the few people on the previous train didn't re-ride so I was able to get a solo ride. It's always a little strange (and cool) to be the only one on a 32 seat train and just hearing the ride running without anyone screaming.


As with the past trips this season, it was another great day with basically no lines.


Ride Count:

Nitro, 5x

Batman, 2x

Skull Mountain, 2x

The Dark Knight, 1x

Blackbeard's, 1x

Green Lantern, 2x

Superman, 1x

Bizarro, 2x

Runaway Mine Train, 2x

Skyway, 1x

Saw Mill Log Flume, 2x



It is nice to see the Log Flume open for the year





This was in front of the Golden Kingdom a few weeks ago



The signs were changed to now say Late Spring



New ads on Twister



The top of Kingda Ka was covered in fog. By closing, more of the ride and much of the park's skyline was covered in fog.

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Posted 10 May 2014 - 12:06 AM



Very blown down image of what the park looked like at closing, to your left you can see the trains from Rolling Thunder just sitting there.

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