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Ptr: May 10, 2014

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#1 Zack


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Posted 18 May 2014 - 08:01 PM

First of all, I meant to post this report a week ago, but I've been preoccupied with finals and work and whatnot. Better late than never, right?


I was able to get to the park a good hour before it actually opened and was lucky enough to enter the park early because I sort-of have a season pass. Actually, I chose to get one of those "Six Flags Membership" things this year instead of a normal season pass because it has small monthly payments, but regardless, I was able to get my pass verified at the season pass registration center without any issues. All of the changes they've made this year to the season passes (i.e. online coupons and picture-less cards) caught me a bit off guard, but I still have the rest of the season to get used to. Once I got my pass processed, I was able to score 2 rides on Superman, one on Green Lantern, and one on Twister (which is now adorned with Twix advertisements). Even though the forecast predicted thunderstorms and wind the whole day, the first few hours were totally mostly sunny and pleasant. I thought I brought my umbrella into the park for nothing, but little did I know that the forecast later turned out to be true.


Since the park was pretty much barren for the first few hours of the day, I was able to score plenty of rides (often more than once) on Runaway Train, the Skyway, Skull Mountain, Nitro, and even 8 consecutive rides on Bizarro (none of the effects were on so I might as well call it Medusa). After a quick lunch at the newly renamed Yum Yum Cafe and a ride on Houdini, I made my way over to Deja Vu when the rain finally started to come down. The ride still continued to operate, but if I didn't have my umbrella with me, I would have been completely soaked by the time the ride started. All but a handful of rides (such as Dark Knight, which I went to next) were all closed down, so I just aimlessly wandered the park finding something to do until the rain did stop. Once the rides were safe to run again, I was able to score some quick rides on Batman, SkyScreamer, Swashbuckler, and the first train of El Toro that opened after experiencing technical difficulties.


Overall, the weather was a big headache during the second half of the day, but I was still able to fit in a ton of rides in spite of it. Final Rating: 5 out of 6 Flags


Ridecount: Bizarro Medusa 8x

Superman 2x

Runaway Train 2x

Nitro 2x

Deja Vu 2x

Green Lantern 1x

Twister 1x

Skull Mountain 1x

Skyway 1x

Batman 1x

Houdini 1x

Dark Knight 1x

Swashbuckler 1x

SkyScreamer 1x

El Toro 1x


I'll be posting the pictures shortly, so stay tuned!

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#2 Zack


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Posted 18 May 2014 - 08:16 PM








They've put the character information back on the signs in the Superman queue.



This adorns the 4D Theater now. Subtle reference or coincidence?



We now observe that the mysterious Twix logo has migrated from Rolling Thunder to a new home. Fascinating...





Doesn't this name just roll off the tongue?





The Log Flume was surprisingly operating before the rain began.







No more Bugs and Daffy here unfortunately.



Missing sign #1



Missing sign #2



40 years and still kickin'!





At least a small chunk managed to survive!



It's amazing how different El Toro feels without its older brother right next to it...


Thanks for reading, everyone!

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#3 coasterfreak96



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Posted 26 May 2014 - 06:38 PM

Wow, Bizarro 8 times?! Thanks for riding! Hope you had a great day!

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