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5/22/14 Ptr

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 11:21 PM

I checked my email at like 2am this morning and saw in the newsletter from the park that they start daily operations on the 22nd and figured I'd hit the park for a few hours despite the weather. Glad I did, I had a blast.


I got to the park around 10:15 and the lot was empty aside from the magnitude of school buses which was to be expected. I walked up to the metal detectors and it took me a minute to realize they hadn't started letting anyone through yet.




It was raining and they started letting people through at 10:25, but because there were so many school trips and everybody had a bag with them, it took forever to get anywhere.




I got through the turnstiles around 11 but it was raining and nothing was open so I wandered around a bit. Eventually a few rides started testing so I head over to El Toro but didn't see any signs of life (it didn't open until mid afternoon). I heard Bizarro testing so I walked over the bridge. I was already soaked so there was no point in hiding indoors. After hanging out in the station for a bit, the rain started letting up and Bizarro opened. There was nobody in the station so our whole train stayed on for a reride.


I walked over to Best of the West but it was closed so I walked right on to Sora. I was the only one on the truck for a good 5 minutes before more people walked up and they eventually filled the truck.








I only drove through the Wild Safari once but I try to go on Sora almost every trip I take. It's probably one of my all time favorite additions to the park. And it still surprises me how much land the safari takes up.




I got off Sora and after stopping for lunch at BotW, took the Skyride to the other side of the park. At this point the rain had stopped and the crowds were starting to show. With Ka and Toro closed, everything had a 45+ minute wait.




Main Street around 1. The lot was empty but there were a bunch of buses. I waited 45 minutes for Nitro and decided to check to see if El Toro was open before leaving. I didn't feel like waiting in line and I was still a bit wet.




Right as I walked up they were testing it so I waited about 5 minutes and they opened for the day. Waited maybe 10 minutes in line. As great as always. I decided to head out but for some reason decided to get my hand stamped - glad I did. Walked out to my car around 3:30 and just relaxed for a bit. I started hearing Ka's horn so I hung around a bit longer. I noticed that a lot of schools were leaving so I walked back into the park right after 4.




All of the schools meeting around the fountain. What had previously been 45 minute waits was suddenly a station wait. Score! I started walking over to Green Lantern when something caught my eye.




Ka! I walked over to check if there had been any activity but the wall was still blocking the path.




As I walked past earlier in the day, an employee outside mentioned that they wanted to open Ka sometime on Friday.




I walked up into Green Lantern's station and got a nice view of Ka running. After GL I walked nextdoor to Superman which had a 2 train wait compared to an almost completely full queue earlier in the day. It was a little after 5 when I began walking over to El Toro. It was drizzling a bit as I waited outside the station and once I walked up the stairs, it started really picking up. I switched it up and picked the second row and as soon as we got to the top of the lift, it started pouring. Gotta love Toro in the rain.




So of course with no line and me already being drenched, I walked around and rode again, but the rain started to give out. It was a little after 5:30 when I decided to again head out.




Despite the downpour a few minutes prior and thunderstorm and tornado warnings covering the entire region, the clouds began to break and the sun started to shine through.




One last shot of the empty lot and Ka. It started testing around 4 and only stopped for the rain around 5:30, picking back up with testing at 6. I wouldn't be surprised to see it open tomorrow. Wish I wasn't working so I could ride it this weekend (plus, you know, it'll probably have a 3 hour line..)


Had a great trip and went on a lot more than I thought I would. Rainy days are always the best.

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