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Busch Gardens, Six Flags America, & Kings Dominion 07/25-07/28

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Posted 02 August 2014 - 03:43 PM

So last weekend, I managed a weekend off for some days in Virginia & Maryland. I went with a few people that work at Six Flags along with Rob. We woke up at 5:30am and left Jersey by 7am on Friday, getting to Kings Dominion at 2pm. We went into the park which wasn't packed at all much like when I went 4 years ago. Being the only one out of the group to have been there before, I pretty much led the way around. I did avoid Shockwave out of the group since I remember that one being quite 'eh' plus I'm not a fan of standup coasters as is. Lets just say I am so glad to have returned to Intimidator 305 after 4 years and didn't black out.

Ride Count for Day 1 of Kings Dominion -
1x Berserker
1x Anaconda
1x Backlot Stunt Coaster
1x Dominator (back row)
2x Flight of Fear (front & back)
2x Intimidator 305
2x Rebel Yell (both sides)
1x The Crypt
1x Volcano (last ride of the night, front row)
1x Avalanche
1x Bad Apple
1x Boo Blasters
1x Scrambler
1x Woodstock Express

Day 1 food place - Overpriced food at Chick Fila!




Saturday, we did Busch Gardens in Williamsburg which was BEAUTIFUL. Literally I was just so into looking at everything at the park. I loved the idea of Europe countries being part of the park. My favorite themed country had to be Ireland since it was quite beautiful throughout that whole part. We made it to the park by 11am since we stayed on property at KD, paying for preferred parking since we're lazy haha. None of us had been to the park before, so we basically followed the circle that is the park. Their lockers were nicer to deal with since they had a key and had no time limit! I must say I didn't expect much since I knew they only had 5 coasters, but I was proven wrong when I went there. Sadly though we lost some time due to a thunderstorm and the crowds, but we had the quick queue so we managed rides on all the rides we wanted to get on minus Pompeii. Verbolten ended up being my favorite of the day thanks to the drop track though Griffon is close behind it. Since it was my first visit, I bought myself a Griffon shirt (I waited so long to ride the ride, so I just had to get a shirt). The plus to this park was the fact that they had wolves in it!!


Ride Count:
2x Verbolten (easily my favorite at this park)
2x Griffon (front & back row, watched fireworks from the lift on the ride)
2x Darkastle
1x Lochness Monster (back row)
1x Mach Tower
1x Alpengeist (back row)
1x Apollo's Chariot
1x Aeronaut Skyride
1x Europe In The Air
For my first ride on another ride very similar to Nitro, let me just say that this one had nothing on my ride. It was much smaller and slower. It turned out to be my 4th favorite (last being Alpengeist) because it was just...not worth a second ride. It was over way too quick and the turns were just not as good as Nitro. If the ride had anything going for it, it was the fact that it had the same restraints as Nitro and was comfortable to go up the lift just as Nitro is.

Show Count:
1x This Is Oktoberfest
1x Secret Life of Predators (a wolf show - easily my favorite show at a park ever)

Busch Gardens Food Place -
Das Festhaus - This place was in Germany with the This Is Oktoberfest show in the middle of all of the benches. The seating were huge lunch tables though they were all wooden. I got the roasted chicken with red cabbage, german potatoes, german chocolate cake, and pickles. If you ever go to Busch Gardens, definitely try the roasted chicken. It was very good and they gave us two huge pieces of it. I felt I got my money's worth at BG rather than KD with the food being cheaper there. The red cabbage, not a fan. German potatoes were okay, but not the best. The cake was amazing, literally the best cake I've ever had. As we ate, the lights were off since they had the show going on in the middle of the huge place.






Day 2 Kings Dominion Ride Count: Time In Park 1pm to 10pm
3x Intimidator 305 (front row for the last ride of our trip to VA, back row - blacked out on for the first time ever on a coaster)
2x Flight of Fear (front & back)
1x Drop Tower
1x Rebel Yell
1x Hurler
1x Grizzly
1x Ricochet
1x Volcano (back row)
1x Windseeker
3x White Water Canyon
1x Woodstock Express
1x Avalanche
1x Boo Blasters
1x Flying Eagles
1x Shenandoh Lumber Company

Food Place for Day #2 -
Panda Express


On our way back to NJ from Virginia, we stopped by Six Flags America since why not? We get in for free there. Needless to say, I will never go back there unless they put in better coasters. Each and every coaster was rough beyond words minus Ragin Cajun. There were luckily no waits for the rides, so it was a quick 'rest' stop for us on our way back to NJ. The employees were friendly especially in the food places and were very curious to know which park we worked at. The food also wasn't that bad in the park. I skipped their standup coaster after dealing with Batwing.

Ride Count for Six Flags America -
1x Rodeo Stampede (nothing like ours, disappointed by that)
1x Mind Eraser
1x Batwing (the most painful ride due to its restraints, worse than Thighcrush at Hersheypark. the restraints at similar to Superman at our park except they pretty much make it so you can't breathe. this is the one and only coaster that i did not have my eyes open on at all. usually even if they are painful, i keep my eyes open but this one was causing too much pain for me.
1x Wild One
1x Roar
1x Joker's Jinx
1x Ragin Cajun (easily my favorite at this park, a crazy wild mouse which spun a lot)
1x Superman Ride Of Steel

Food place for Last Day -
Chicken & Waffles

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Rides worked/supervised/working/supervising -
2011: Skull Mountain, Rolling Thunder, Jumpin' Joey, Safari Tours
2012: Skull Mountain, Nitro, Bugaboo, Raja's Rickshaw, Fun Factory
2013: Skull Mountain, Deja Vu, Fender Benders
2014: Nitro, Skull Mountain, Road Runner Railway, Bugaboo, Raja's Rickshaw, Hearts Aweigh, Daffy Diver
2015: Bizarro, Hearts Aweigh, Daffy Diver, Air Safari, Bugaboo, Jumpin' Joey, Road Runner Railway

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Posted 03 August 2014 - 08:14 PM

Great report and pictures. I really like that picture of Griffon's splashdown.

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