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Dorney Park, 9/13/14

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Posted 16 September 2014 - 08:59 PM

I was near Allentown on Saturday and decided to go to the park for 2 hours, getting there around 8:30. With the bad weather earlier in the day, the park lot wasn't crowded.


In past years during Haunt hours they would use handheld metal detectors on everyone entering the park and were not using them tonight.


I went to Talon first which was closed when I got to the entrance and opened a few minutes later. 1 train was running and I waited an extra train for the front row and walked around and went to the last row.


Near Talon is Blackout which is Fright Lane only and many people were walking up to the entrance only to be turned away. I know it's low capacity but it would be nice to see it maybe offered as an upcharge like $8 similar to what Great Adventure does for trails/mazes rather than have it be just for Fright Lane users since I can't see people spending $40 just for access to Blackout on a day when none of the rides or Haunt attractions had more than a 10 minute wait.


Hydra was also running 1 train and like Talon I waited an extra train for the front. Night rides on Hydra area really great since the area hardly has any lights.


Dominator had no line and although it is still a fun ride, Zumanjaro kind of ruined it for me since the drop feels so short compared to Zumanjaro.


Thunderhawk was running 1 train with a completely empty station so I went for the front row even though it is a wheel seat. It was my first time riding in a wheel seat since last season and was running really great and was smooth. I walked around and again walked onto the front row.


The Whip was running in Haunt mode which may be new. After the ride starts, the lights go out and 4 strobes in the ride area are going on and off the entire ride cycle.


Possessed had no wait except for the front and Steel Force had about a 10 minute wait since it was also running 1 train. Unfortunately, there were some people acting horribly at Steel Force. On the first ride, I saw 1 person with a cell phone out the entire time and someone else got a call on the lift hill and was talking on the phone for part of the ride telling the person they were talking to when the train was on the first drop and other parts of the ride. Someone else in the row in front of me was trying to stand up the entire ride. On the 2nd ride, someone was smoking a cigarette on the ride and when the train got back into the station a ride op saw and told them to put the cigarette out but the person didn't get in trouble.


I finished the trip with another front row ride on Talon.


It was a good night to go to the park for rides and also looked like a good night to go to the park for the Haunt attractions.






Both Dominator and Apollo had orange lights for Haunt






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