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10/24/2014 Friday

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Posted 29 October 2014 - 05:26 PM

Little late with this TR!


I went to Six Flags on 10/24, my second Friday visit to Fright Fest. I got to the park a little later than I had hoped, at around 6pm. I went to Zumanjaro first, my new go-to ride at the start of trips. I forgot about the single rider line, but I ended up waiting only 2 cycles. I even boarded ahead of those in the single rider line, so lucky break!
I headed to El Toro next, which had a station wait. I waited one train as a kid in front of me wanted to ride with some others. I hopped in with a dude in his 40s or so who was...well, very enthusiastic about roller coasters. We talked a bit about Zumanjaro and about his hatred for Green Lantern while waiting in the station and going up the lift. After the ride he was originally going to go to Zumanjaro, but tagged along with me to hop on Bizarro.
Bizarro's wait was a "pick your row" airgate wait. We hopped in the back; it really doesn't matter on this coaster I think (aside from the front, of course.) Afterwards, he hopped into an open seat while I exited. Good on him, I really can't chain rides on looping coasters anymore. Shoot, at this rate I might be done with coasters when I'm his age!
I walked through Bone Butcher Terrortory on my way across the park. They have some pretty thick fog going here and I nearly ran into a ghoul wielding a shovel, poised like he was waiting for someone to emerge from the cloud.


I ended up walking all the way over to Nitro and hopped in line. It was halfway between the stairs and switchbacks and took like 15 minutes. I sat in the back seat, my usual spot on this coaster. My train ended up getting stuck on the lift near the bottom, but was only stuck for less than 5 minutes or so. Just enough time for one of the attendants to plod his way up the stairs, only to leave like 20 seconds later as the ride was ready to go.
I heard Dead Man's Party going while hanging out on the lift, so I walked over afterwards and caught the last couple songs. I checked out Batman's line next and saw that it was out in the gardens. Uh...no thanks.


I went to Deja Vu next and waited one cycle. Seems like they're playing DMP music for Fright Fest; like the actual songs as opposed to the Dead Man's Party versions. My cycle got 'Ramalama (Bang Bang)' by Roisin Murphy. 
Fender Benders looked to be a three cycle wait, who knows how many for SkyScreamer, but Swashbuckler was a one cycle wait; now we're talking! Seems like Swashbuckler was running a longer cycle today, probably a good 2 minutes in the "up" position.
I walked into Boardwalk next and hopped on the Parachutes after seeing that it had a super short line. I was behind two sets of riders, but both pairs bailed instead of riding. Welp, all right then.
Green Lantern had a line well out into the infield. Yikes.
I watched Twister, trying to get some video for some sort of compilation at the end of the season. The ride went up and just stopped before letting go of the gondola brakes. The gondola was then parked and the ride op got some people off the ride before starting again. I overheard a couple of kids that had gotten off that they did it because "the ride was too heavy." What? Really?
I knew Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro would be crowded, so I skipped heading down there and went to check out El Toro. Well, Toro had a line into the second switchbacks. Eh...I'm too impatient and I got on it before anyway. Runaway Mine Train had a two cycle wait, so I hopped on that instead. Like Nitro I sat in the back, like Nitro the train also got stuck on the lift, and like Nitro the ride was going again in less than 5 minutes. I had my bar down enough to be considered "down" and wow, that bunnyhop over the water was kind of scary!
I was ready to start heading out, but took a spin on the Teacups on the way. A group of 8 kids tried to cram themselves into an adjacent cup but was made to split up. Half were walking over to get into my cup before one girl went to find another cup stating that she "didn't want to sit with him (me)." I'm...actually fine with that outcome lol. Like usual, I spun the heck out of the cup. It's funny how a coaster like Bizarro will get me slightly nauseous over one cycle, but constant spinning for one and a half minutes doesn't really make me nauseous.
I left the park a little after 10:30. Not too bad of a trip, I at least got on everything that I cared to get on. I plan on going once more on Sunday. If it's not crowded, great! If it's crowded...well, I'll just take photos and videos the whole time.
Here's some pics!








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Posted 01 November 2014 - 01:24 AM

Nice report and pictures, I was on the stairs in line for Nitro when the train got stuck on the lift.


That last pictures of the Big Wheel is great.

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Posted 01 November 2014 - 03:28 PM

Thanks Yoshi! Yeah, that one came out pretty nicely for a hand held shot...well, with some help from a tree, haha.

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