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Dorney Park, 11/2/14 Closing Day

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Posted 16 November 2014 - 01:18 AM

I had planned to go to Great Adventure for the final day of the season. After hearing that it was more crowded than expect with 1 train operations on some coasters and others were closed, I decided to go to Dorney instead. After calling to make sure the coasters were running, I drove to the final park trip of 2014. I got there at around 3:30 and the lot wasn't that crowded, probably around 300 cars. The park closed at 8:00 since there was no Haunt and only Boo Blast which I guess also kept some people away.


Talon was first with 1 train running and no wait except for the front. I waited an extra train for the front and it was really cold with nothing in front of you. The train was going through the circuit much slower than usual and it was most noticeable at turn after the helix that is right after the immelmann. I walked around twice this time riding in the last row.


Hydra was also running 1 train and also had no wait except for the front. I rode once in the front row and walked around and went to the back row. The ride didn't seem to rattle as bad  compared to other trips over the past few years.


Dominator had no wait for either side and I went to the Turbo Drop. After riding Zumanjaro many times in October, it's another case of when Dorney and Great Adventure have a similar ride, the ride at Great Adventure is almost always the better version (I only think Talon is better than Batman the Ride). I don't want to say Zumanjaro ruined Dominator for me but it isn't as fun as it used to be and the drop feels very short compared to Zumanjaro.


The Whip had the strobes running during the day which I wasn't expecting.


I went back to Dominator and rode the Space Shot and then the Turbo Drop again.


Thunderhawk had a completely empty station and I went to the front row. The trim brake at the bunny hills towards the end of the ride was off and it makes the ride a lot better. It would be nice to see the trim brake turned off the entire season. I walked around for another lap and saw the back half of the train was chained off. I would have liked to have tried the last row with the trim turned off but it was understandable with the low crowds and they probably wanted all the riders in the front half of the train. For the 2nd ride, I was the only rider on the train.


Posessed was next with a 1 row wait for the last row. It's one of the few coasters that still gives me that "stomach dropping" feeling when going up the back spike in reverse.


Steel Force also had 1 train running with no wait except for the front. I had to hold onto my hat the entire time because it would have flown off which I saw happened to someone else. Since it was now dark out, it was starting to really feel cold out but with 5 months of no coasters, I wanted to get my final rides of the season in. I ended up riding Steel Force 5 times including 1 front row ride and my 5th ride was my 200th overall Steel Force ride.


The area by Stinger was closed off. I hope they can get the coaster running more reliably next season even though that seems unlikely since the ride has had nothing but problems since it opened at Dorney. I think the 6 hours it was open for the entire 2014 season on opening day could be a record for shortest amount of a time a coaster was open to the public in a season and not removed.


I went back to Thunderhawk again having a solo ride and then back to Dominator Turbo drop also having a solo ride.
The Whip now had the lights turned off during the ride for the strobes like it was running during Haunt.


It was almost 7:00 and I was going to ride Hydra once and Talon once and leave. When I saw the Wild Mouse with no one riding and the cars waiting for riders, I decided to stop there. Normally I skip Wild Mouse because it usually has a very slow moving line and The Dark Knight is better in every way. After riding the coaster earlier in the season (I didn't ride the coaster at all last year), I tried to prepare for the parts where the brakes are since they are on strong compared to any brakes at The Dark Knight.


Hydra is a great coaster to ride at night with there not being many lights in the ride area.


Since the park had even cleared out more with less than an hour to go until closing, many of the stores, food stands and games had closed down early.


Talon still had no wait and had very few riders per train. I didn't want to leave and kept going for "1 more lap" and almost had a solo ride a few times. I decided I would keep trying to get a solo ride and finally on my 5th ride after coming back to the ride, I got the solo ride. I decided that was a great way to finish my 2014 season and started to walk through the exit. Now all I need is solo rides on Possessed and Steel Force to have solo rides on every coaster at the park.


Walking towards the exit was strange. As I mentioned mostly everything except the rides were shut down and there were a few employees on the midway and no guests. It almost felt like the park was closed, especially since with 1 train running, the coasters weren't zooming by too often.


This last trip to Dorney was a nice way to end the 2014 season with a chance to really get a lot of rides in.


Ride Count:
Talon, 8x
Hydra, 3x
Dominator Turbo Drop, 3x
Dominator Space Shot, 1x
Whip, 2x
Wild Mouse, 1x
Thunderhawk, 3x
Possessed, 1x
Steel Force, 5x







Whitewater Landing drained for the season











This will look different next year































Goodbye 2014 season

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