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Future Plans 2016-2020

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Posted 05 February 2015 - 05:52 PM

So CoasterStudios on youtube posted a video   -theres the link about his prediction for the next 5 years. I think he has some good thoughts and ideas but I wanna hear more thoughts from the rest of us. In my opinion id like to see this:


2016- Absolutely needs to be a coaster. 2011 was GL and it wasn't even a new coaster…2009 was a conversion to bizarro…yet again not a new coaster…2008 was TDK which was duplicated so technically new but nothing special. Id like to see one of theses options

       -B&M Wing(not a clone of x-flight)

       -RMC woodie(Idk if tallest and fastest would benefit but id say most inversions would suit us better due to toro

       -GCI Dueling woodie(gotta replace that racing factor from rolling thunder)

       -Premier multi launch(NOT SUPERMAN CLONE)-could also be a salute to B&R:TC

       -B&M Dive Coaster(this on could go either way)

       -And the least one id like to see is a spinning coaster but that would b years after bigger coasters were put in.

Now obviously all of these won't come in one year but id like to see at least two come over the next 5 years. 


2017- This year like CoasterStudios said should bring the new Justice League dark ride. We need one. Not arguable. 


2018- This year should be a slow one but a major one imo. Doesnt need to bring any rides to GADV but new rides to Hurricane Harbor should be added. This year should also be the year old country and movie town gets updated(this better be done by this time and if not it has to be done asap) If any rides should be added i think Movietown water affect should come back to the park but a bigger version. Also Safari off road adv additions could be nice.


2019- Next big coaster(one of the others from the 2016 thoughts) If not a coaster this year deff add a big flat like a huss frisbee or s&s screaming swing(not up charge) and wait till 2020 for bigger coaster


2020- if they went with flat ride previous year i say a bigger coaster then what wudve come in 2019 but if they add a coaster for 2019 then one of the flats from above for this year


Id love to hear what you all think of this. Please leave comments and opinions. Also just a show of hands but who would ever want to see hurricane harbor become part of gadv like if they expanded enough to reach the wearer park that way it would be part of admission? just a thought 

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