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Posted 21 April 2015 - 08:03 PM

With the great weather on Saturday, I thought I would go to the park on Sunday with cooler temperatures and hope that most people had decided to go to the park on Saturday instead. It was also scout weekend but I didn't see anyone from the event in the park.


Nitro was first with 3 trains running and the line almost to the switchbacks. It was a 30 minute wait. I got the C train and I noticed how much smoother it was compared to last year.


Skull Mountain had about a 15 minute wait but after not moving in line after a few minutes and at least 15 people exiting the line, I thought maybe the ride had broken down and went to Batman instead with a 1 train wait for the last row.


The Dark Knight had broken down so I went to the Boardwalk. All 4 sides of the parachutes were open with less than a 5 minute wait. From the top of the parachutes I saw both Green Lantern and Superman had station waits.


I waited 1 train for the front row of Green Lantern and walked around for another ride and waited 2 trains for the last row. I waited 1 train for the last row of Superman,


Zumanjaro had a 2 cycle wait and the ride was about to dispatch but they had everyone go back to the loading area. Last week the ride had also broken down when I was in the loading area but reopened 10 minutes later. This time I waited 10 minutes, saw the mechanic go to gondola 1 with a ladder and knew it would take more than a few minutes so I left.


Kingda Ka had what would be around a 30 minute wait with the old operations with Zumanjaro closed. Knowing if Zumanjaro reopened, the line could be at least 45 minutes I decided to skip to it.


El Toro's line was almost to the 30 minute sign and took just under 20 minutes.


Bizarro had no wait except for the front with 3 trains running and I got into the station when the airgates were open so literally walked right onto the last row.


After dinner at Best of the West I went to Runaway Mine Train and took the Skyway back to the other side of the park to try Skull Mountain again. This time there was an empty station and I went to the last row for my 300th Skull Mountain ride. I was able to re-ride and then went to Nitro to try to get my 400th ride which I thought I should have plenty of time for since it was only 7:25 and I only had to ride twice to get the 400th ride.


When I got to the station, they were washing off the last 2 rows because someone threw up. When they were about to dispatch the train with those last 2 rows empty, they unloaded the train and had them go back to the station gates and the ride had broken down.


Not wanting to waste time and maybe get 1 ride in depending on how long it was closed, I quickly went back through the queue to the entrance and took the Skyway again where DiveMachine was working and decided to finish the night at El Toro getting 4 rides in a row including the last train of the night.


From 3 - 7 I got 8 rides in but that last hour was great for power riding since I got 9 rides in that time for a total of 17 rides.







Green Lantern's station while I was waiting for the front row.



The picture booth was closed.





Hopefully this won't be Great Adventure's next coaster.



Rolling Thunder's trains were painted with the green train a much darker shade of green compared to when the ride was still running at the park.









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