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Posted 28 April 2015 - 04:17 PM

After missing Coasters After Dark on Friday night I decided to go to the park on Sunday. It was more crowded than past Sunday's this month probably because it was the deadline to process the passes to get free parking from the buy 2 or more passes and get free parking offer.


Nitro was first with a 20 minute wait. I got back in line and waited 25 minutes and that was my 400th ride at Nitro. Even after 400 rides, I'm still not tired of the coaster and it's also still my favorite ride in the park.


Batman was next with a 1 train wait for the 3rd row. Batman's crew has been great this year like the end of last year with very fast dispatches which helps keep the line short or non existent.


The Dark Knight had about a 10 minute wait including the pre-show. The clowns in the subway car at the end of the ride now have the headlights turn on but there is no horn sound.


Blackbeard's had a 2 cycle wait so I stopped there next. They had a 3rd ride op letting people wait behind the air gates while the train was cycling to speed up load times but then the 3rd ride op left and they went back to the old method of keeping people out of the station until it was time to board the train.


Green Lantern had about a 25 minute line with a lot of people going in the single rider line which looked like it would take just as long as the regular line so I went to Superman instead which was only a 1 train wait except for the front.


I tried to ride Zumanjaro but it was closed. I have had bad luck with the ride this season. 2 weeks ago it broke down when I was in the loading area, last week it broke down when I was seated in 1 of the gondolas and this week it was broken down and never reopened the rest of the night. Kingda Ka had a long line so I also skipped that. I've only managed to ride Kingda Ka once this year so far even though this was my 4th trip to the park this year.


Green Lantern now had a short regular wait with no one in the single rider line so I walked onto the next train.


El Toro had broken down earlier, but was now opened. The line took about 25 minutes and when my train got to the brake run it broke down again. It took about 10 minutes for a mechanic to get to the ride and dispatch the other train out of the station so our train could enter the station and exit


After dinner I went to Skull Mountain which was a walk on. Earlier in the day the line was somewhat far into the cave and looked like it was probably a 30 minute wait. It was nice to see all the effects working.


I went back to Nitro and waited about 15 minutes with 2 trains running.


I also walked in the Food Truck Festival area but didn't try anything.


























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