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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:42 PM

I got to the park just before 1:00. The lot wasn't that crowded with maybe 20 buses. From the parking lot I saw a crane at Superman's lift motor and expected it to be closed the entire day,


Nitro was first with just over a 10 minute wait. I got the A train which was mostly smooth. Batman had a line into the park area so I went to Deja Vu with no wait and then Skull Mountain also with no wait. The last time I was at the park, the building had a door open and you could see the entire track layout. Today it was dark inside.


Blackbeard's had no wait and I walked to the other side of the park stopping at the Log Flume with no wait and there was no one at the water sprayers which was good since it was only in the mid 60's. I saw Congo Rapids earlier having half empty rafts I guess because it was too cool to possibly get soaked.


Runaway Mine Train was next with no wait and after 2 rides I checked Bizarro with a line down the stairs and El Toro with the first set of switchbacks full so I skipped both for now and went to Zumanjaro.

The regular line for Zumanjaro looked to be around 20 - 25 minutes and with only a few people in the single rider line I waited 1 cycle. I got back in the single rider line waiting 2 cycles. There was a group of 13 kids maybe around 10 years old that kept trying to push past the ride op at the turnstyles at the loading area and wouldn't stop chanting and yelling. After they had ridden, they all got in the single rider line so I decided against a 3rd ride since the line now had 15+ people in it and when the single rider line has more than 12 people, it could take a while and I didn't want to stand in line hearing them yell and chant. The standby line looked like it had gotten to around 30 minutes when I was walking away from the ride,


The parachutes had 2 sides open with 1 side with around 15 people in line and the other side empty with the ride op waiting for riders. I went to the side that was empty. The same thing happens with the Skyway at the Frontier Adventures side. When both sides are open, sometimes everyone follows each other up one stairway while the other stairway is empty waiting for riders.


Green Lantern had around a 25 minute wait and using the single rider line I waited 5 minutes and was told to go to the front row. It seems like some days, the ride is running well and others it is rough. Today there was some headbanding and even with an almost empty single rider line, I decided against getting back in line.


I saw Superman testing while riding Green Lantern and by the time I got to the entrance it had just opened and I got on the 3rd train of the day. Only 1 train was running maybe because of the work at the ride earlier and it seems like everyone who missed it earlier in the day decided to go to the ride since by the time I exited the ride, it was probably at least a 30 minute wait.


Batman had a 1 train wait for the front and I went to a middle row for a re-ride. The Dark Knight had no wait other than the pre-show and since there so few people in the pre-show and no one waiting after the ride, I was able to get a re-ride. Nitro was down to a station wait and I managed to get 3 rides in just having to change seats.


I walked back to the other side of the park and went to Bizarro with no wait for the last row and finished the trip at El Toro with a 2 train wait for the last car.


While riding El Toro I saw Kingda Ka test once but I didn't expect it to open.


Since the park closed at 6, I wasn't sure if the dining pass would be valid after closing even though dinner is supposed to be valid until 7:30 and the snack until 8:00. I wanted to get a bag of popcorn to take home using the snack credit and the snack stand by El Toro was closed as well as the one by the Log Flume and the Camp Kitchen. I went to the stand near Dare Devil Dive and then went to the restaurant that used to be the Carnegie Deli. While I was at the register after my pass was scanned, I heard a worker asking someone who just entered if they were using a dining pass and they would have to check if it could still be used or not. I know it won't be an issue after tomorrow since that is the last the day the park closes at 6 this year but I wonder what would have happened if I tried to use the pass after 6.


It was 6:15 when I was walking back to the car in the parking lot and I saw Superman still had riders waiting in the station and Zumanjaro was still running with riders so I guess both had long lines even at closing.


Ride Count:

Nitro, 4x

Batman, 2x

The Dark Knight, 2x

Skull Mountain, 1x

Blackbeard's, 1x

Deja Vu, 1x

Green Lantern, 1x

Superman, 1x

Parachutes, 1x

Zumanjaro, 2x

Runaway Mine Train, 2x

Log Flume, 1x

Bizarro, 1x

El Toro, 1x








IMG_5873_zpsl6kxdcg2.jpg This looks like it was leftover from yesterday





Superman's line 10 minutes after it opened. The station was full and the line was filling up fast.



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