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Posted 29 June 2015 - 11:42 PM

My original plan was to get to the park in the early afternoon and have my 1st trip to Hurricane Harbor. Unfortunately that didn't work out and I wasn't able to get to there until 4:45 so Hurricane Harbor will have to wait for another visit.


The lot was around 60% full and from the lot I saw Zumanjaro looked like it had a short line so I went there first. From the time I entered the queue and got back to the ride entrance it took 30 minutes and I was able to ride 3 times using the single rider line in that amount of time. I saw Kingda Ka had about a half full set of switchbacks and thought that had to be at least an hour wait. One person waiting for the same gondola was about to chicken out but decided to try the ride and said they were glad they tried it but was not going to ride again.


Green Lantern had about a 20 minute wait and using the single rider line I waited 1 train. I was originally told to go to the 5th row but there were no empty seats so the ride op then told me to go to the front row that had 2 open seats. The coaster was running smooth today.


Skull Mountain had a full station and was about a 10 minute wait for the last row. It was nice to see all the theming lit up.


Nitro's line was almost to the 60 minute sign and took around 20 minutes. I got the B train that was a little rough but not too bad. There were some kids in line throwing pebbles and rocks at each other a few spots ahead of me so I kept watching them to be prepared in case any of the rocks were thrown near me. That wasn't the only bad behavior I saw. Near Skull Mountain a woman was on a scooter and there was a girl that was 2 or 3 years old sitting on the floor of the scooter with her feet close to the ground.I was worried that she was going to get hurt and if I saw a security guard near by, I would have said something.


The Dark Knight had no wait except to watch the pre-show. Since there was no one waiting in the station I was able to get a re-ride. It's always good to be able to get multiple rides in there with only having to watch the pre-show once.


I went back to Nitro waiting 15 minutes and this time got the C train. It was smoother than the B train and then went to Skull Mountain getting 2 more rides in the last row.


Even though Sky Screamer has been at the park for years, I never have never tried the ride and with no wait after it had reopened after a breakdown, I decided to get in the queue. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and moved faster than expected when it got to the top. It was fun and it's something I would go to if the line isn't that long.


I walked over to the other side of the park and rode Runaway Mine Train twice and was going to ride El Toro but it was broken down. I skipped Bizarro because I didn't feel like going on anything with inversions later in the trip and skipped Superman earlier because the line was almost in the 2nd set of switchbacks.


I also skipped Batman because when I was near the ride it looked like it had around an hour wait with the 1 train running before it closes. I was kind of surprised it was still running and not already closed to prepare for the ride to run backwards.

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