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Posted 04 August 2015 - 01:52 PM

I took my first and probably only trip to the park this year yesterday, as my cousin came down to Jersey a couple days.  We headed out early and got into the lot around 10:30.  It was pretty empty, but I expected that pretty early in the day.  We walked straight through security and the booths without much of a problem and made our way towards Kingda Ka.  We saw both Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro were both testing in their sequenced order.  We got to Kingda Ka, but there were two massive lines that we practically intertwined with each other.  Apparently some people were told Kingda Ka wouldn't be open for some time.  


We left and went straight to El Toro.  Walked right into the station, waited 3 trains for the 4th car.  For some reason, it felt like El Toro lacked a little bit of its airtime during the middle part of the ride, like from the banked airtime hill to the quick drop before the twister part.  Otherwise, El Toro still is packing its punch.  We went to El Diablo next, waited one cycle to get on.  For what it is, El Diablo isn't that terrible.  It's a somewhat exciting flat, it has a pretty cool statue and sign, it doesn't entire block out the chance that something could be built behind it.  Yes, it's a glorified carnival ride and no it's not a roller coaster, but it at least tries to cover two glaring holes in the park, flats and theming.


Bizarro was next.  Walked right onto the second row, stayed on a second time.  The shield and auger weren't on, both flames were.  Also, very odd and a little painful, but in the middle of the cobra roll, my harness, both times, locked into the next position, making it tighter from the MCBR to the end.  I guess I was on the cusp of two settings, but it changed so dramatically and suddenly.


Log Flume was empty.  With no line, I was a little unsure why my cousin and I had to share with another two guys, when there were some empty boats that only got filled right before we started.  Two points I saw while riding.  1) The in ground of the Log Flume has torn up shacks and dirt trails.  Was there ever an FF trail there?  If not, especially with the flume closed after Labor Day, they should put one there.  2) It looks like the Grandstand inner parts are still in tact, but some of the stuff docked at the stands seemed to getting cleared out.


Superman was only a 20 minute wait for the front row.  Some nice guys wearing "Coaster Junkies Tours Germany 2015" shirts let us go ahead to fill the row ahead of them.  Nothing like friendly, international theme park friends.  GL's line, from S:UF's lift, was long, so we made our way to the other half of the park.  Houdini was a one show wait, lights were on during the preshow though.  Blackbeard was no wait, two total cycles on the ride, which I haven't seen in a long while.  Skull Mountain was a 3 train wait for front.


TDK was a preshow wait.  AC was working (thank god).  The only thing I saw not working were the hologram billboards.  We finished the ride, the line was empty because the next preshow didn't finish.  One of the attendant said we could stay on for another ride, but we decided to stay off.  That is actually very tough to pull off that timing.


Nitro was only a wait at the stairs.  They were hauling as usually.  Turned a traditional 15 minute wait into at the most 7 minutes for second to last row.  Airtime was great and I didn't feel the trimmers this time.  


Namtab's line was just before the sewer tunnel, but the line moved quick.  A usual 30-45 minute wait from there was about a 20 minute wait.  Kudos to the crew as they pushed out trains ASAP.  We got the back row/ first row out of the station.  I will be very honest, Namtab was 10x more powerful than normal BTR.  I think the experience is definitely interesting and I'm glad the park was able to finally get it, but I'm happy it only lasts from July to September.


Fender's Benders was only a 1 cycle wait.  SkyScreamer was roughly a 20 minute wait.  I forgot how fast it went and how powerful the wind was from up there.  Also, my opinion of Star Flyers and Windseekers has changed.  Although Windseekers have higher capacity, SkyScreamer is incredible reliable and more authentic.


We headed to Green Lantern, where the line was right before the singer ride line.  We did single rider, waited 15 minutes for 5th row.  I noticed Kingda Ka was not launching, but Zumanjaro was sending their gondolas up relatively quickly.  My guess was Kingda Ka had some problem in the morning and the park just cut the problem at the head, closed Ka for the day, kept Zumanjaro open and working at full strength.  I did also notice that it was only sending two full gondolas, and left one (right when facing the tower) was empty every time.  


As for Green Lantern, the guys running it were killing it.  They were even saying that they were clocking loading times.  The average for their slot right before my train was at 100 seconds, and one load was 80 seconds.  That's pretty damn quick, so good for them. 


Ride Count:

El Toro: 1

El Diablo: 1

Bizarro: 2

Log Flume: 1

Houdini: 1

Blackbeard: 1

Skull: 1

Fenders: 1

SkyScreamer: 1

TDK: 1

Namtab: 1

Nitro: 1

Superman: 1

Green Lantern: 1


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Posted 04 August 2015 - 08:53 PM

Nice report


They have been really strict about making sure the log flume boats go out full even with no wait. If there is little to no wait, I think they should let each group have their own boat.


The Voodoo Island terror trail runs under the log flume.

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