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Dorney Park, 8/5/15

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Posted 07 August 2015 - 02:53 PM

I went to Dorney on Wednesday for my 2nd trip of the year. With it being August, the weekday crowds pick up and the first part of the main lot was full and there were around 50 cars in the 2nd part of the main lot.


It looked like almost everyone was in Wildwater Kingdom so I started with the ride side of the park and went to Talon first. There was no wait except for the front and it's still my favorite ride at Dorney but after riding Banshee and Raptor, it has moved down my list of favorite B&M inverts to 4th after those 2 rides and Montu.


Hydra had no wait for a middle row. The rattling didn't seem as bad this year compared to the past few years. I am still not a fan of the Jojo roll at the beginning of the ride and I like Bizarro and Rougarou a lot more.


Dominator had no line for either side and I chose the Turbo Drop. It's fun except the drop feels very short compared to Zumanjaro.


Possessed had a half empty station and I went to one of the back rows since I don't like going up the twisting spike too much.


Cedar Creek Flyers had 6 people in line and I have never tried Flying Scooters before. I skip them at Hershey because I want to focus on the coasters and also skipped them at King's Island and Cedar Point for the same reason and knowing Dorney got the same model ride this year.


I was expecting the ride to be run with 1 ride op and was surprised to see they had 3 ride ops. That would be helpful on a day when there was more of a line to help speed up dispatches with how low capacity the ride is. The seatbelts are the ones used on kiddie rides where you need the ride op to walk up to each car and use a pin to unlock the seatbelt.


The ride itself was fun with being able to control your car and try to see how high you can get the car to go. The cycle was short and if it is possible I would like to see it adjustable to maybe allow for a longer ride cycle if there is little to no wait.


Steel Force had a mostly full station but was still only a 2 train wait. I went for the first row of the last car. It's fun but no Nitro or Diamondback.


Thunderhawk had 1 train running. All rows had a 2 train wait so I went for the front row. It wasn't running that rough today and unfortunately the trim brake was on at the bunny hills at the end of the ride. The front of the train was missing the Thunderhawk logo.


I went over to Wildwater Kingdom since people were starting to leave that side of the park for the day. Patriot's Plunge was 5 minutes. I like the double down on the red slide, the large drop on the white slide and the total darkness of the blue slide with lots of turns.


Wildwater Rapids are great body slides, the blue and orange are open and the yellow and green slides are enclosed. The yellow slide is the fastest and usually the most popular of the 4 slides.


I don't like Jumpin Jack Splash as much as I used to after they removed the pool the slides went into and changed them to run outs because they needed the space for Snake Pit. With no wait, I still went to each of the 3 slides once.


Snake Pit has my favorite slide in the park. The Boa Blasters are fun but basically the same as the red and white slides at Patriot's Plunge except with some the color rings that cover a section of the slide. Constrictor is my favorite slide with the spirals that allow you to go higher up on the spirals than a regular slide. I skipped the drop box slides since they had a long line and I don't like them that much because water hits your face the entire slide so you have to keep your eyes closed.


I walked back over to the ride side to ride White Water Landing which was running with only a few riders per boat. I got my own boat and it was fun to be the only person in a 20 passenger boat and not hear screaming during the drop like normal.


Thunder Canyon had probably a 25 minute wait and I didn't have time to ride it since it was almost 7:00 and the changing rooms close at 7:15. I think it should be later like 7:30 since if you are still in a line past 7 for a water slide and don't get back to your locker until that time, you probably will be too late to be able to get in to the changing rooms.


I finished the trip with another ride on Talon. Since the waterpark was now closed, the line was longer, around 10 minutes.


Haunt starts in 5 weeks and the mazes are being set up.








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