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Posted 29 September 2015 - 08:34 PM

Sunday was my first trip to the park during Fright Fest that wasn't on a Friday or Monday since closing day 2008. I was hoping that since it was still September crowds may not be that bad early in the day and when I got to the park just before 1, it was almost the opposite of 2 weeks ago where it was so crowded that Skull Mountain's line was almost to the entrance.


I went to Runaway Mine Train first with no wait and then to Bizarro with a 2 train wait for the last row. The flames weren't working maybe because of the weather.


El Toro was next with a station wait and then Zumanjaro with no wait. I went back for another ride and was going to get in line again when a lot of people suddenly were waiting to ride. Kingda Ka had broken down and everyone must have gone to Zumanjaro instead.


Green Lantern had about a 10 minute wait. It was running well on this trip with no headbanging.


Superman had what looked like around a 30 minute wait so I skipped it and went to Skull Mountain waiting 3 trains for the last row. There was a light on near the section before the brakes.


Nitro was a station wait and I waited 5 trains for the front row. I only ride in the front row a few times a year and even with less air time compared to the back of the train, it's great to be at the top of the lift looking down at the first drop. I walked around again waiting at the bottom of the stairs and went for a 3rd ride waiting almost to the 30 minute sign.


The Dark Knight had no wait other than waiting to get into the pre-show  and Blackbeard's had no wait as well.


The Parachutes had 3 sides open, 2 sides had a line and the parachutes open in the back had no one waiting.


Superman was down to a 20 minute wait and then I finished the day with another ride at Runaway Mine Train.


I kept expecting crowds to pick up especially as it got later in the day but they never did.



Superman stopped on the lift. It looked liked someone might have had a phone out because the ride op had a clear bin with them and the ride only stopped for a few minutes.





It still seems strange to not see Ft. Independence there anymore







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