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Dorney Park 10/30/15

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Posted 05 November 2015 - 03:02 PM

On the way home from northern PA on Friday night, Dorney is literally 10 minutes out of the way round to stop at before going back on the PA turnpike to go home. Because of that, I stopped at Dorney for 2 hours.


For renewing my 2016 pass I got a voucher for a free Fast Lane to be used in 2015. I know getting Fast Lane for a short trip isn't normally worth it but it was going to expire on November 1st so I thought I might as well use it. I thought it was strange that I go to King's Island and Cedar Point earlier this year and don't use Fast Lane and my first time using Fast Lane is a local park that rarely has any kind of lines.


Talon was first with about a 15 minute regular wait. With Fast Lane I waited in the station for 4 trains. Normally they only let 1 or 2 trains worth of riders in the station, not that it mattered that much since it was probably an extra 3 or 4 minute wait.


Wild Mouse had at least a 20 minute line and I walked right on with Fast Lane. I rarely ride this coaster because of the long lines and the excessive braking compared to The Dark Knight. It was fun but The Dark Knight is a better coaster in every way.


Hydra had no wait except for the front. I got the smoother train (the one with all black seats and not the seats that have the upper part with the older pink seats) and it was still had a little rattle but not too bad.


The Turbo Drop side of Dominator had no wait same with the Whip. The strobes on the Whip seemed less strong than the ones at the end of Skull Mountain.


Thunderhawk had no wait except for the front. I went for the 2nd car in a non wheel seating. Hearing that it was confirmed at Coaster Madness that Thunderhawk is getting new trains or at least new restraints with the buzz bars being removed and the standard orange PTC individual lap bars is disappointing and I probably should have gotten an extra few rides in with the buzz bars.


Possessed had about a 10 minute wait without Fast Lane and Steel Force had no wait. I waited 2 trains for the front row and walked around for a ride in the middle.


I used the Fast Lane entrance at Cedar Creek Flyers and it merged with the line before the turnstyle. I didn't realize there were only 3 people in the regular line but got in line behind them since it didn't matter as we would all be on the same cycle. The ride op asks me if I had Fast Lane and when I said yes, she told the others waiting I had to go in front of them because I had Fast Lane. I said it was ok to let them stay in front of me and didn't go in front of them.


On the way out of the park I rode Wild Mouse again this time the line looked like it was about 30 minutes and Talon was still a 15 minute wait, and I had a 3 train wait in the station.


Since this was Dorney's final weekend, I won't be back for at least 6 months and it was nice to get 1 final trip in before finishing the season with just Great Adventure trips.


I also found it interesting that not only does the Fast Lane wristband color change each day (they had sings in the station saying what color the Fast Lane band is that day) but it also has a ride name printed on it so people can't bring back an older band with the same color. Wild Mouse was printed on the band. I guess they are trying to stop people from cheating by bringing back used wristbands.

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