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Posted 06 December 2015 - 04:58 PM

If going to the park in November other than the last day of Fright Fest felt strange, it was even stranger to be at the park in December. With the temperature in the low 50's, it was nice weather for coaster riding. I got there around 1:45.


I started with Sky Screamer that had no wait. It's fun during the day but even better at night to see the park lit up.


Green Lantern was next with a walk on to a middle row. This week there were 2 people checking restraints instead of 4 but dispatches were still fast.


Superman also was a walk on for row 7. It was too crowded to re-ride and when walking through the exit past they announced that the ride was down for minor technical difficulties before the next train was loaded.


After lunch I went to Skull Mountain getting 2 rides in the last row, with a 1 train and then 3 train wait (other rows were a walk on).


Nitro getting 6 rides in, with just enough people to have to walk around each time. One ride I waited 3 trains for the front row which was a little cold compared to the other rows but not too bad. Riding Nitro in December, it can't get much better than that.


Batman was next with a 2 train wait for a middle row. It's become a ride I only go to once a trip because of the forcefulness.


The Dark Knight was around 15 minutes including waiting to get into the pre-show. I don't remember if I mentioned it last week but the horn on the clown subway car at the end of the ride is no longer working.


I went back to Nitro for 2 more rides with an almost full station and finished the trip at Sky Screamer waiting 3 cycles. I was surprised to see Bizarro's lift hill lit up. Zumanjaro's catch cars are at the top of the tower and even knowing the ride is closed, every time I saw them I kept expecting to see them lower for the next cycle I guess from all the trips to the park with the ride operating.


I left the park at 6:30 and the park was getting a lot more crowded. The midways were full of people and the flat rides like Deja Vu had much longer lines than earlier in the day. Even walking in the parking lot there were a lot of people walking towards the entrance and many cars entering the lot. From the parking lot, it looked like Green Lantern was around a 30 minute wait.


It was another great trip to the park and if this warm weather keeps up, it is going to be a great final few weeks to the season.



Batman stuck on the lift without riders. It sounded like they kept trying to restart the lift hill. It reopened 20 - 30 minutes later



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