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Dorney Park, 5/15/16

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Posted 16 May 2016 - 12:58 AM

I was going to try yet again to get to Hersheypark and decided against it with the chance of rain on and off all day. It was raining when I left my house and it looked liked Allentown was going to have some rain.


As expected the lot was mostly empty, maybe 200 cars at the most.


Talon was first with 2 trains running and no wait for the front. With the wind, the train was moving slower than normal and it was really noticeable during the drop towards the end of the ride before the turn into the final corkscrew. After walking around for another ride (a trip to Dorney always makes me miss Great Adventure's excellent re-ride policy) I walked past Wild Mouse. Like last week it was at least a 25 minute wait.


Even with the temperature around 50, all 3 water rides were running. I didn't see a single person riding any of them and they all were closed by around 2:30. I was considering riding Thunder Canyon since it looked like the waterfalls were turned off but you can't see the entire ride from the midway and it was possible not all of them were off and I didn't want to take a chance of the waterfalls being turned on during the ride.


Hydra was closed and after waiting at the entrance after a few empty test runs they opened the ride. I almost had a solo ride until they waited to open the gates for about 30 seconds and someone else walked into the station. It started to rain for about 10 minutes but the ride wasn't too painful unlike Steel Force a few years ago where I had to close my eyes the entire ride because of the rain.


Dominator had no line and I chose the Turbo Drop side and then went to the Whip with no wait.


Thunderhawk was running 1 train. I tried the 3rd car in a non wheel seat and it seemed smoother than the non wheel seat in the last car.


Steel Force was running 2 trains and only loading 1 of the trains. Even with 1 train, all rows except the front were a 1 - 2 train wait.


Cedar Creek Flyers had no one in line again. With how few riders there are is I would like to see the ride cycle time increased since it really wouldn't matter if the ride never has a line.


Possessed had no wait except for the front. Like last week I went to the last row.


I went back to Hydra and the station was almost empty, same with Talon where I finished the trip with another 2 rides.

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