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Posted 29 September 2016 - 11:58 PM

I had not been to the park since the end of April and thought yesterday would be one of the better days to go to the park until November since I'm not planning on going to the park almost every Friday night for Fright Fest like past years.

I was going to get there at opening but left later than I wanted to and didn't get there until close to 6. Processing the 2017 pass was easy and even though the pass voucher stated you had to go to processing to add the dining pass, the person at the entrance said it was already added if it was on the voucher.

Sky Screamer was first with a 2 cycle wait. It was fun as usual.

Nitro had an almost empty station except for the front which was a 2 train wait. The ride operator at the microphone was trying to get the trains dispatched quickly saying that as soon as the air gates open, the train will be leaving in 45 seconds. I don't think it was actually that fast but it was nice to see they were trying to dispatch trains fast even with no line. It was just crowded enough that I had to walk around for another lap. After riding mostly Steel Force this summer, it was nice to be riding a top quality hyper coaster again and Nitro is the type of coaster I could just stay at for most of the night but there were other rides I wanted to get to.

Batman had no wait and compared to other B&M inverts I have ridden this year, (Talon, Great Bear and Silver Bullet), Batman is way more intense than any of them and like past trips, I only rode the coaster once even though I could have re-ridden.

Walking past Joker I was considering trying the coaster with what looked like almost no line except one of the cars had stopped on the lift hill.

El Toro was about a 10 minute wait. This is another ride I had missed riding and still is a top wooden coaster for me.

After dinner I went to Runaway Mine Train. One of the trains had the first car closed off.

Bizarro had no wait except for the front and unlike when I visited the park a few times in March and April, the fire at the dive loop was working. Bizarro is so much better than Hydra. There is more track, Bizarro is smoother and I like how it has a vertical loop and interlocking corkscrews.

I took the Skyway back to the other side of the park and saw Joker had reopened. After watching the coaster for a few minutes and seeing a somewhat long line, I started to second guess if I wanted to try it at least on this visit to the park. I was also surprised to see Harley Quinn Crazy Train with 3 switchbacks full. I don't think I have ever seen the coaster with more than a 1 train wait on a Friday night during Fright Fest before. I don't know if it was because there were a lot of families in the park or because with Joker open right next to it, it brought more people to that area.

Zumanjaro had about 10 people in the single rider line and took 4 cycles to get to the loading area. This is still my favorite drop tower and nothing else is even close. Kingda Ka wasn't running and the station was empty.

Superman was about 15 minutes and even with Green Lantern being a walk on I didn't feel like riding the coaster.

It was great being back at the park and I don't think I'm going to wait as long between trips to the park again.
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