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Posted 06 October 2016 - 11:11 PM

I didn't think I would be getting back to the park until either the end of the month or until November but since the park was open until 10, I was able to get there in the late afternoon and get another trip in. I didn't take any pictures today.


The crowds were about what I was expecting, not walk ons but short lines overall. Superman, Joker and Kingda Ka were all closed when I got to the park. Joker and Kingda Ka did open later.


There were no ride greeters at the coasters so bags were allowed to be left in the station. Wasteland and Voodoo Island were closed for the day but the park was selling the single day Terror Trail tickets for half price.


Nitro was first with all 3 trains running. The line was where the snack stand used to be and was around 15 minutes. Again the ride operator at the microphone was telling people to board the train quickly because it would be leaving in 50 seconds which was good to see they were trying to dispatch trains quickly.


I missed The Dark Knight the last trip but was able to ride the coaster today. It's still my favorite Wild Mouse coaster and way better than Dorney's Wild Mouse.


The Skyway had 1 side running with about a 2/3 full queue so I walked to the other side of the park.


Bizarro's line was just past the stairs with all 3 trains running and slightly faster dispatches than normal. There was no fire after the dive loop today.


Runaway Mine Train's line was to the entrance with no switchbacks used and took around 10 minutes. I walked around for a 2nd ride with a station wait.


El Toro had 2 trains running which was nice to see. It was about a 20 minute wait and was mostly smooth in a non wheel seat.


The Parachutes had 2 sides open with about a 15 minute wait. Near Green Lantern I stopped to watch one of the acts with someone walking over crushed glass without getting cut.


I watched Joker for a few minutes and still am unsure about riding the coaster. With the line almost to the 90 minute sign also made me decide to not try the coaster.


Harley Quinn Crazy Train had no wait.


Sky Screamer had 1 set of seats closed off. It was a 3 cycle wait.


Skull Mountain was not using VR and VR is only being used on Friday - Sunday, I didn't mind since the station was empty and I was able to ride 4 times in a row which would have never happened with VR. The 5th car is no longer blocked off for Flash Pass and now Flash Pass merges in the station at the front. The Flash Pass entrance is under the lift hill and the hallway is not covered so there is a lot of light in the first part of the lift hill area and now the ride area is brighter than ever and you can see most of the track easily.


Batman had a station wait and I could have re-ridden but decided against it.


I went back to Nitro this time with the line at the bottom of the stairs. Nitro is probably my favorite coaster to ride at night with so few lights around. Like the 1st ride of the day, someone in a train in the station got sick and they had to hose down the train. What are the odds that would happen both times I rode Nitro?


As usual it was a great trip to the park.

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