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Dorney Park, 10/23/16

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Posted 25 October 2016 - 11:14 PM

I went to Dorney on Sunday for my possibly final trip to the park of the season.


Crowds were very low as expected with most rides with 0 - 5 minute waits except Wild Mouse and Road Rally.


Even without Haunt, they were still using the metal detectors which usually doesn't happen on non Haunt days. There were 2 lines, 1 for guests with bags and another for guests without bags. There were a lot of people with bags in the without bags line and rather than the security guard checking their bags anyway or better yet, sending them to the other line he just let them enter after the metal detector without even looking in the bags! If they are going to have bag check, it kind of defeats the purpose when they are just letting people in without checking the bags.


The Mansion House Hotel was open but not as a Haunt attraction. You are able to walk through the hotel and there are a few scare actors in there but they are just sitting or standing and not trying to scare you. Everyone exited through the greenhouse or garden area and it looked like there might have been another portion of the hotel to go through when it is open during Haunt. I would like to see other indoor Haunt buildings open during the day with the same operations.


On Steel Force, the kids in the row in front me were putting coins on the front of the car and they were flying off the train. I ended up covering my eyes with my hand almost the entire ride because I didn't want to take a chance on getting hit with one of the coins. It's annoying that people feel the need to try stupid things like that and risk others getting hurt.


Also annoying was in one of the bathrooms, there were 2 other kids and they filled the sinks up with soap and ran the water (the faucets are the old style with handles that don't shut off automatically) and were close to having the sinks overflow. I turned off the water when I noticed it but again it's annoying that people are so inconsiderate.


I considered riding Stinger but didn't even have the option since it was closed with mechanics working on the train in the station.



Even with the problems, it was still fun to visit the park.


Ride Count:

Talon, 2

Hydra, 1

Wild Mouse, 1

Dominator, 1

Thunderhawk, 1

Possessed, 1

Cedar Creek Flyers, 2

Steel Force, 3
Whip, 1

Cedar Creek Cannonball, 1

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