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Post Your Top 10 Coasters (or More)...

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#16 Zand


    Runaway Train

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Posted 28 June 2006 - 10:42 AM

1. Superman: Ride Of Steel (SFNE)- Insane ejector airtime, combined with the great first drop, great speed, great helixes, great layout, tunnels, park interaction, and the good theming makes this my favorite.

2. Boulder Dash- Completely out of control woodie. At night, you can't see a damn thing in those woods and the turns and hills come out of nowhere.

3. Villain- One of the most intense rides I've ever ridden. It's rough as hell in every seat but the front, but the front is absolutely incredible.

4. Cyclone (SFNE)- Incredible ejector airtime on the 3 big hills, insane laterals, a completely unique layout, and just out of control. Best in back at night.

5. Apollo's Chariot- Great airtime in back over all the hills. Some of the airtime comes expected, especially on the last double-down. By far my favorite B&M coaster, especially compared to Nitro which ranks 24th for me.

6. Storm Runner- Great launch, great tophat, great inversions, and one of the strangest layouts ever.

7. Millennium Force- Great speed, decent airtime, decent first drop, but extremely overrated. Not to mention it always has a very long line.

8. Wildcat (HP)- Great layout, decently rough, good airtime in spots and good turns.

9. Yankee Cannonball- At night, in back, some of the best ejector around. You spend much of the ride out of your seat. Great classic woodie.

10. Talon- Very forceful, great inversions, great colors, and doesn't let up at all.
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#17 Damn Matt

Damn Matt

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Posted 28 June 2006 - 01:12 PM

1. El Toro- Six Flags Great Adventure- Super intense, amazing drop, long sustained air throughout and the single most intense moment of airtime I've ever experienced

2. Superman: Ride of Steel- Six Flags New England- Amazing array of elements, I love this ride, well deserving of my #2 spot and #1 steel.

3. Storm Runner- Hershey Park- I loved the launch (actually felt it was better than Kingda Ka's), the ejector on the top hat and wide variety of inversions. The ending was also alot of fun shuffling side to side.

4. Kingda Ka- Six Flags Great Adventure- I feel the OTSR's are amazing. The place where they pin are much better IMO than the T-Bars. The T-Bars limit movement and I just feel that the OTSR's are superior. My dream ride would be El Toro or S:RoS with the OTSR's or clamshells. What an adrenaline rush.

5. Nitro- Six Flags Great Adventure- Great floater on each and every hill, the hammerhead and the helix make this one a great one. Best restraints ever.

6. Batman: The Ride- Six Flags Great Adventure- I love this ride. So intense, every inversion is perfect. The turns almost hurt my feet. Gotta love old B&M's.

7. Lightning Racer- Hershey Park- I love the butter smooth ride this give with great turns, small pops of airtime and amazingly cool trains

8. Talon- Dorney Park- Amazingly smooth, forceful, fun ride. Love the color scheme too.

9. Medusa- Six Flags Great Adventure- This thing is off an on for me. I've had rough rides, I've had smooth, I've had boring forceless rides, I've had intense g-filled rides. It's still worthy of a spot in the top 10.

10. Wildcat- Hershey Park- Intense as anything. So different than it's GCI cousin just a few hundred feet away. I like the Millennium Flyer trains more, but this thing is an insanely intense twister with some nice pops of airtime.


11. Steel Force- Dorney Park

12. Batman: The Dark Knight- Six Flags New England

13. Comet- Hershey Park

14. Journey to Atlantis- Sea World Orlando

15. Great White- Morey's Piers

16. Batman and Robin: The Chiller- Six Flags Great Adventure

17. Python- Busch Gardens Africa

18. Laser- Dorney Park

19. Great Bear- Hershey Park

20. Superman: Ultimate Flight- Six Flags Great Adventure

Hopefully adding all of Six Flags America and Lake Compounce by the end of the summer!
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#18 KKAddict127


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Posted 28 June 2006 - 01:43 PM

1. El Toro - Just a great ride, it has speed, airtime, and positive g's. Everything one would want!

2. Nitro - My original favorite coaster, has tons of airtime, the hammerhead is a lot of fun, as well as the helix.

3. Xcelerator - That launch never gets old, and there is an insane amount of airtime on the tophat.

4. Montu - My only ride on this was at night, so that makes it a bit better. The inversions here are great, as well as the theming. It is very smooth.

5. Kingda Ka - While it may be a bit rough, it is a huge rush, which is why I like it so much.

6. Goliath (SFMM) - My 1st "big" coaster, this holds a special place in my heart. The first drop is completely insane, as well as the airtime hill a little later. The rest pummels you with positives!

7. SheiKra - Front row, staring down that 200 foot, vertical drop, there is nothing like it.

8. Kumba - Old-school B&M gives you a lot of positives. It may have gotten rough over it's storied history, but I still like it a lot.

9. Medusa (SFGAdv) - Kumba's cousin, it has also gotten rather rough, especially in the front, but it is still fun nonetheless.

10. Riddler's Revenge - My fist coaster with inversions, it was very fun, and a unique coaster.

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#19 MRHS Falcons

MRHS Falcons

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Posted 29 June 2006 - 10:49 AM

1. El Toro- SFGADV has an awesome first drop, great airtime, and great speed.

2. Nitro- SFGADV I love the hight of this coaster, the speed, the hammer heard, and the airtime

3.Kingda Ka- SFGADV The speed, the height and the bunny hop

4.Storm Runner- HP the launch is better than TTD, the elements that this coaster go through are awesome

5.Top Thrill Dragster- CP the lap bars are the only part i like about this ride

6.Batman The Ride- SFGADV the intesity of this ride, the way the ride is made to interact with the areana and its self.

7. Lightining Racers- HP the butter smooth ride this give with great turns, airtime and amazingly cool old fashioin trains

8. Wildcat- HP Intense as anything, there are small places where you get airtime

9. Medusa- SFGADV i love floorless coasters you feel so free on these things

10. Hydra- DP just the fact thats its built around the lake

11. Rolling Thunder-SFGADV
12. Batman and Robin The Chiller- SFGADV
13. Talon- DP
14 Comet-HP
15. Steel Force-DP
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#20 Metsman


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Posted 29 June 2006 - 11:16 AM

1)Superman: Ride of Steel (Six Flags New England)- The Incredible airtime throughout, awesomely placed mist tunnels and intensity make this my #1

2) X (Six Flags Magic Mountain)- Absolutely incredible. You have no idea which way is up as you tumble and turn. The flips are completely unexpected, and make it so difficult to figure this ride out while riding. The straight down first drop, with the seats flipping to have you facing the ground is horrifying.

3) Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure)- Ole reliable. Always delivers a great, smooth ride. The drop is amazing, and the floater air over all the hills is sick. The 540* helix is intense too.

4) Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure)- Tall and fast. The airtime on the bunny hill and tophat put this over Dragster in my book.

5) Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)- The original strata coaster. Unfortunately for TTD, I can feel that extra 36 feet, and it lacks the airtime that KK has. Nonetheless, a breaktaking ride, and the view of the lake from the top is stunning.

6) Millenium Force (Cedar Point)- Millie is built for the drop and the speed. The drop was one of the most terrifying moments of my life, and the blazing speed aint bad either. Unfortunately, that is all it delivers. Millie lacks the airtime that I desire in a hyper coaster.

7) Apollo's Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)- Apollo was my first hyper coaster ever, and it pushed me over the hump into enthusiast-dom. A great drop, use of terrain and airtime make this a spectacular B&M creation. Smooth as butter obviously

8) SheiKra (Busch Gardens Tampa)- Wow. That is all there is to say about this. You get insane air on both of the vertical drops. The giant immelman gives a nice floating sensation, and the second drop into the mist tunnel is awesome. The water splashdown effect at the end is a nice touch, and it is of course smooth being as it is a B&M.

9) Storm Runner (Hershey Park)- A fun rocket coaster. The airtime on the tophat is nice, and the snake dive thing is good too, but the ride was too short and felt a little slow (although I did ride it like two days after riding TTD which probably played a role). It would be much higher up if it was longer

10) Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa)- My favorite B&M invert. Montu has a vast array of elements, and a good deal of intensity. The inversions in and into trenches are a great touch.

11) Magnum XL-200 (CP)
12) Alpengeist (BGW)
13) Goliath (SFMM)
14) Dueling Dragons (IoA)
15) Kumba (BGT)
16) Incredible Hulk Coaster (IoA)
17) Wildcat (HP)
18) Wicket Twister (CP)
19) Gwazi (BGT)
20) Lightning Racer (HP)

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Top 10: S:RoS, X, Nitro, KK, TTD, MF, Apollo, SheiKra, Storm Runner, Montu

#21 coasterbilly



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Posted 29 June 2006 - 09:06 PM

Separated Woodies from Steelies:

1. Millennium Force- Biggest adrenaline rush of my life, the drop owns all drops, the speed is unreal, it's not all about airtime but sheer speed and overbank turns, the best on this planet in my opinion.

2. Superman: Ride of Steel (SFNE)- Very close behind MF is this gem, it is the closest steel to Millie, you always see the top 2 steels in almost everyone's lists that's been on these 2, this thing cooks, the ejector air, the speed, the tunnels, the layout is probably the best on any coaster anywhere.

3. Incredible Hulk- My #1 B&M anywhere, the launch out of the tunnel into the zero g is probably my favorite element on any coaster, so amazing, the inversions are awesome, and probably the most unique B&M layout to date that involves inversions, no exact layouts like it anywhere.

4. Phantom's Revenge- This is probably the craziest 3200 feet on any coaster, for a Morgan coaster this thing is so out of control, all i could say is holy crap after i rode this, add some more length and this thing would be #1 everywhere, the drop is incredible, but you feel the speed the most, the ejector air is up to par with S:ROS.

5. Medusa (SFGAdv)- Well i have always had a special place in my heart for this coaster and it still remains, absolutely adore everything about Medusa, have amazing speed, amazing inversions, it's long and still gives a great ride after opening in 99.

6. Nitro- So many people consider this one of the best and it sure is, floater air like crazy, this wasn't in my list for a while until i rode it in the front this year, the front is to die for on this monster, it gives a way different and better ride from back here. So smooth and probably my 3rd favorite drop on a steel coaster.

7. Apollo's Chariot- Nitro's front row ride took this by inches, Nitro1118 describes this ride perfectly, it's in an awesome location, the layout is excellant especially over the water, it's smooth and combines ejector with floater air, and the turn around is intense, top notch ride.

8. Alpengeist- This is the best invert in the world no doubt, it is just so big. This thing is fast, and has a nice kind of roughness to it, can't really describe it. I know it's 9 years old, but it still gives a "wow" ride, love it.

9. Montu- So many put Montu ahead of Alpie, but not me, this ride was also awesome, not as big though. The layout is great especially the batwing in the middle of the ride, the drop is great, the theming is a plus on here, smooth and also a Florida gem.

10. Storm Runner- Finishing off my list is Storm Runner, the best rocket i think, no rocket does what this coaster does, it's 3 intense inversions. The launch is awesome and top hat gives sick ejector air, never get tired of this one.

Will get back to you on woodies because I'm riding Boulder Dash on Saturday :D
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#22 psonio7


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Posted 01 July 2006 - 11:57 PM

1. Millennium Force - Speed and Drop. Front row only for me. Was the coaster that bumped me from GP to coaster junkie.

2. Batman- The Chiller - Love the Tophat backwards from the front row. Great ride.

2.5 Robin - The Chiller - When Batman is down, Robin saves the day (when it's running)

3. GASM (SFGAdv) - I'm sick in the head, but It holds a place in my heart as being the coaster that got me from pansy to GP in 1989.

4. Kingda Ka/TTD - Very similar for me to be ranked seperate, but love the launch on them.

5. Kumba (BGA) Love the sneaky elements and pure loss of sense on it.

6. S:ROS (SFA) - Haven't been on the SFNE version, but the helixes on this hyper I like (too bad the rest of the park really isn't that great)

7. Jokers Jinx (SFA) - Love them Premiers LIM rides. (add speed in Vegas to that in a sense)

8. Nitro - Hyper fast

9. Hulk (IOA) - Nice the first few times, but second half is weak

10. Thunderbolt (kennywood) - Classy woodie. drop out of the station.

There is a decent sized list of coasters I haven't been on, but plan to within the next few months. These will probably sprinkle into my top 10s.

Stormrunner, El Toro, X, S:ROS (SFNE), Goliath (SFoG/SFMM), AC (BGE), Mr Freeze
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#23 CycloneMan


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Posted 02 July 2006 - 12:19 AM

Top 10 Steel:
10. Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon, The Great Escape
9. Steel Force, Dorney Park
8. Medusa, Six Flags Great Adventure
7. Batman The Ride, Six Flags Great Adventure/Le Vampire, La Ronde
6. Talon, Dorney Park
5. Great American Scream Machine, Six Flags Great Adventure
4. Laser, Dorney Park
3. Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure
2. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure
1. Superman;Ride of Steel, Six Flags New England

Top 10 Wood:

10. Thunderhawk, Dorney Park
9. Le Monstre, La Ronde
8. Hercules (RIP), Dorney Park
7. Rolling Thunder, Six Flags Great Adventure
6. Comet, The Great Escape
5. Twister, Knoebels
4.Riverside Cyclone, Six Flags New England
3. Phoenix, Knoebels
2. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
1. Cyclone, Coney Island

-Dainan "86 coasters" Rafferty
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#24 GADVcoasterfreak


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Posted 22 July 2006 - 01:41 PM

Top 5 Steel:

5. Medusa - GADV
4. Incredible Hulk - IoA
3. Batman The Chiller - GADV
2. Kingda Ka - GADV
1. Nitro - GADV

Top 5 Wood:

5. Comet - Great Escape
4. Hercules - Dorney Park
3. Rolling Thunder - GADV
2. Cyclone - Coney Island
1. El Toro - GADV

Top 5 overall:

5. Cyclone
4. Batman the Chiller
3. Kingda Ka
2. Nitro
1. El Toro

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#25 coasterkid


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Posted 22 July 2006 - 03:02 PM

Coasterkid's Top 10 Coasters

1.)Kingda Ka - I don't usually judge coasters by their height, netherless speed, but Kingda Ka really just does it for me. The intensity of the launch, the airtime, the insane view. I don't know. I just can't get enough of it!

2.)Superman: Ride of Steel SFNE - This was my #1 coaster until I rode Kingda Ka. This ride has a combination of everything a coaster enthusiast would like. Insane ejector air, breathtaking views of the Connecticut River from the top of the lift, The gut throbbing first drop, speed, and 2 mist filled tunnels perfect placed throughout the mile long course.

3.)Chiller - I don't know why everyone bashes this LIM coaster. It has a great launch, very intense elements, and it goes backwards. A perfect #3 for me.

4.)Nitro - Although Nitro is taller and faster than Superman: Ride of Steel, the airtime is just floater air, not enough to fill ym package, yet very exciting otherwise with a decent first drop and some nice bunny hops at the end.

5.)Revenge: of The Mummy USF - This ride should really be placed before Nitro, but I couldn't because the Coaster section of ride wasnt long enough. It had some "let me tell you" INSANE EJECTOR AIR right after the first launch into the Mummy's Mouth. To me themeing was a 20/10 a must ride overall.

6.)The Incredible Hulk - This ride caught me off guard, thinking we were going to stop before we launched into oblivion. Intense, fast paced elements, nice and long, and a great ride overall with a high - tech themed que line.

7.)Georgia Scorcher - I wasn't expecting such a great ride from something so small. A new experience I had never encountered ( a stand up coaster) intense turn around through the verctical loop, and a very twisted track. My favorite coaster at Six FLags Over Georgia!

8.)Medusa - A very relaxing ride. Nothing thrilling in my standards, but good enough to make it into my top 10. A little shakey in some parts, but a great Zero-G roll.

9.)Boulder Dash This wooden coaster has become very rough over the years, but still gives me an out of control feeling that I love. Great airtime and creative idea to build it into a side of a mountain.

10.)Superman Ultimate Flight - People don't love this coaster, and I can't figure out why? It has a very intense element and in a flying position, something still new to the century. Great ride. Not wroth more than an hour wait.
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TCT 07' - 10'

#26 EtrnlDarkness


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Posted 22 July 2006 - 04:00 PM

1.El Toro -This ride is just flat out amazing, awsome airtime, the best drop i've ever experienced, great speed that never lets up, and is amazingly smooth.

2.Nitro -I really love this ride, it has a nice first drop, and some nice floater airtime.

3.Kingda Ka -An incredible thrill, although a bit short and a little jerky but nothing too bad. Still that launch is enough to make this my number 3 coaster.

4.Talon - I was really surprised by this ride when i first went on it. It has a nice first drop and a good variety of inversions, it's the best invert out of the ones i've been on, which is only 3 but it's still a great ride.

5.Robin: The chiller -While this ride is hardly open, it's a fantastic ride, the launch isn't as intense as Ka's but it's an intense launch, and going through the zero g roll backwards is awsome, still havent gotten on the batman side though :(.

6.The Great White -While this ride is a bit rough, it's still really fun. The tunnel under the pier is really cool, and it had some nice airtime going over those bunny hops, but the tunnel is what makes this ride special. Without the tunnel i don't think it would be this high in my top 10.

7.Medusa - This ride has really dropped on my top 10 these past years. While it's still a nice ride that usualy doesn't have long lines, it's just not as exciting as it used to be. The first loop is fantastic though.

8.Hydra: The Revenge - While this ride was a tad disapointing, i still like it(although to be honest i don't think this will still be in my top 10 by summers end). The jojo roll is cool and unique and the ride's trains have some cool pink restraints :lol:B).

9.Thunderhawk - This ride really surprised me by how good it was. Nothing incredibly specialy, but it was a nice ride, that wasn't that rough at all for an old wooden coaster. Has some nice air in the front, and i enjoyed this ride.

10.Superman:Ultimate Flight Like ka's launch makes that ride impressive, this ride's pretzel roll makes this ride impressive. I wish there was a
bit more to it but i enjoyed this ride.

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#27 Dare Devil

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Posted 22 July 2006 - 04:24 PM

Copied from my profile. This was all that I could fit in there. The lack of S:ROS is because I will be riding it for the first time at the end of August.

1. El Toro (SFGadv)
2. Nitro (SFGadv)
3. Kingda Ka (SFGadv)
4. Top Thrill Dragster (CP)
5. Millennium Force (CP)
6. Magnum XL-200 (CP)
7. Storm Runner (HP)
8. Lightning Racer (HP)
9. Alpengeist (BG Europe)
10. Incredible Hulk (IOA)
11. Apollo's Chariot (BG Europe)
12. Medusa (SFGadv)
13. Raptor (CP)
14. Great American Scream Machine (SFGadv)
15. Batman & Robin: The Chiller (SFGadv)
16. Great Bear (HP)
17. Steel Force (DP)
18. Dueling Dragons (IOA)
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#28 Dave.



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Posted 22 July 2006 - 04:32 PM

1. El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure - El Toro is my #1. Period. I am big on 2 things: Launches, and Airtime...and Toro wins it for airtime. It has the most amazing floater air I have ever experienced in the front row, and the most life-threateningly insane ejector air in the back row. Toro is incredibly smooth, yet still has that "out of control" effect on you with it being wooden. Best first drop in the world, and an INCREDIBLE finish in the twister section, including the crossover hill entrance into the twister section. Bravo.

2. Kingda Ka @ Six Flags Great Adventure - As I stated earlier, I am big on 2 things, Launches, and Airtime, and Kingda Ka can not be beat as far as launches go. It is impossible to not be belittled after that horn blows as you await to be propelled forward as that loooooong launchway and gigantic tower stares down at you. And it is then impossible to not feel like the king of the world once you have reached the top of that tower that once belittled you.

3. Speed: The Ride @ Nascar Café in Las Vegas - Wow. Speed: The Ride is seriously an intense ride. First you launch out of the station from 0 - 45 mph in 2 seconds at 3.5 G's into a tight, overbanked turn. Then you go under the sidewalk and up into a high-G loop. Then you exit the loop and enter a 2nd launch (!!!) that rockets you to 70 mph, as you RACE by the Café, Hotel, and palm trees (all VERY VERY close), before rocketing to the top of the 224' tower, and experiencing it all again in reverse. INCREDIBLE ride.

4. Lightning Racer @ Hershey Park - Fun fun fun fun fun. This is probably the most fun coaster I have ever ridden. Forget pure speed, height, g's, and such...Lightning Racer provides adrenaline-filled fun on every single ride, while also providing a great anticipating finish.

5. Batman: The Chiller @ Six Flags Great Adventure - Batman: The Chiller is definitely a ride of its own. It's launch is different than any others, including it's sister Robin's. The LIM's begin halfway up the train, so the launch actually begins slow and gives you a relaxing feel, but then just as you slouch back in your seat, the train rockets forward with great G's. The tophat is one of my FAVORITE elements of any ride, especially as you float at the top of the return trip home in reverse. There are a RIDICULOUS amount of positive G's in the valley between the tophat and the zero-G roll. AMAZING ride. If it is ever open while you are at the park, WAIT THE WAIT.

6. Talon @ Dorney Park - Talon definitely levels its riders with positive G's. It's fast, it's smooth, and it's powerful. And unlike other Inverts, it has a unique post-midrun brake layout, filled with positive G's and diving helixes.

7. Batman: The Ride @ Six Flags Great Adventure - Just like Talon, Batman: The Ride holds its own with it's speed and positive G's. And with no midrun brake section, you have no chance to catch your breath.

8. Hercules previously @ Dorney Park - Hercules was one of a kind. After the lift, it teased you as you slowly rolled forwared and around to the first drop. Hercules had one of my favorite first drops, as it was quite steep, and the instant you hit the bottom of the drop, you rocket into a wooden helix over a lake at 65 mph. I was very sad to see Hercules go, and I will always miss it.

9. Nitro @ Six Flags Great Adventure - While Nitro is not quite as intense as some of the coasters I have listed, it is a reliable, fun, and explosive (at some points) ride. Its first drop in the back row should not be reckoned with, and its hammerhead and helix are perfectly designed.

10. Thunderhawk @ Dorney Park - Thunderhawk has been operating since, i believe, 1923. This ride will scare the crap out of the burliest dude. It's shaky, it's rough, it hurts....and it's certainly a classic for the books.

I am also trying to planning a trip to SFNE with phear this summer, and from what I hear, S:ROS will most likely take either the #2 or #3 place.

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#29 jokerzjinx07



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Posted 23 July 2006 - 09:52 AM

1. El Toro
2. The Incredible Hulk
3. Kingda Ka
4. Montu
5. Medusa
6. Hydra: The Revenge
7. Kraken
8. Nitro
9. Superman: Ultimate Flight
10. Batman: The Ride
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#30 EagleFan344


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Posted 24 July 2006 - 12:56 AM

This should be fun.

1. Voyage Holiday World I don't think any coaster in the world can touch this ride.
2. Superman: Ride of Steel Six Flags New England Amazing coaster, but not Voyage. My #1 Steel.
3. Kingda Ka Six Flags Great Adventure A little short, but amazing.
4. Nitro Six Flags Great Adventure This is a GAdv board, you guys should know.
5. Apollo's Chariot Busch Gardens Europe I haven't ridden it since 04 compared to Nitro last time.
6. Alpengeist Busch Gardens Europe Best invert out there.
7. Kumba Busch Gardens Africa B&M sit downs are great, I wish there was more of them.
8. Batman: The Ride Six Flags Great America Better than GAdv's, because of trees etc. in ride area.
9. Raging Bull Six Flags Great America Not nearly as good as it once was, but still good.
10. Medusa Six Flags Great Adventure Just makes it in my top 10. Not for long...

I'm going to Geauga Lake, Kennywood, Hershey, Dorney and Gadv (TORO) next week so that will DEFINITELY shake up my top 10.

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