• Entries for Roller Coasters
  • On August 23rd, 2013, GadvOnline member "jdc12192" found new supports laying next to Kingda Ka. The similarity in color to Kingda Ka's main tower supports backed up the strong rumors that a drop tower located on Kingda Ka was being added to the park in 2014. The supports would later be added before construction of Zumanjaro's 3 drop towers was started. 

  • For the 2013 season, Bizarro's speakers were removed. With no more audio during the ride, the electrical boxes from the last row were removed and 2 seats were added on each train bringing the total number of seats from 30 to 32.

  • Medusa is now Bizarro and the track is painted blue. New trains with speakers for each row are added. The last row of each train only has 2 seats to accommodate the electrical parts for the speakers. A new sign with Bizarro at the entrance is added. At the bottom of the first drop, a Superman shield is added with multi color lights Cardboard cutouts of buildings are added near the helix after the mid-course break run. An Auger of Doom that has mist is added to the interlocking corkscrews.

  • The final day that Bizarro was running as Medusa with green track was November 2, 2008

  • On May 15, 2008, The Dark Knight Coaster opened up to members of the media and coaster enthusiasts alike. The standard Mack Wild Mouse coaster is located in MovieTown across from Batman: The Ride.

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