• Entries for Roller Coasters
  • El Toro opened to members of the media(as well as matadors) on June 12, 2006. The ride was the first Intamin "Plug N' Play" wooden coaster opened in the western hemisphere. The ride takes riders up 181 feet into the air via cable and drops them at 76 degrees back down to Earth. The ride is located in Plaza Del Carnival.With the addition of El Toro, Plaza Del Carnival, one of the parks most beautiful and well-themed sections, was complete.

  • Runaway Mine Train got individual lap bars for the 2006 season.

  • For the 2004 season, Batman The Ride's track is painted yellow.

  • Nitro opened in 2001.

  • Medusa, now named Bizarro, opened on April 2, 1999 as part of the "War on Lines". The world's first B&M Floorless coaster has 7 inversions and stands at over 14 stories tall. It opened in it's present day location in the back of Fronteir Adventures. It was one of three coasters added to the park in 1999.

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