Six Flags Great Adventure has announced their new additions for the 2015 season. The news comes as part of the announcement of additions to all Six Flags parks for 2015. Full video available here.

    The ride is a Larson 22m Giant Loop, the taller and permanent version of the popular "Ring-of-Fire" fair-ride. Larson's decision to label the ride as a "compact roller coaster" has caused Six Flags to also label Looping Dragon and the other new Giant Loops as roller coasters, despite feedback from enthusiasts.

    Looping Dragon is asian-themed to fit into the Golden Kingdom section of the park. It was planned to go near Splashwater Oasis, not near El Toro like the released image suggests.

    It should be noted that Six Flags Great Adventure later announced a change to the location, theme, and name of the ride on January 14th, 2015. It will now be placed on the location of Rolling Thunder's station in Plaza Del Carnaval with the name El Diablo.

    Both photos have been released by Six Flags Great Adventure.

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