Out of the blue, Six Flags Great Adventure has announced a change to the location, theme, and name of the new ride addition for 2015. The ride will be now be known as El Diablo and be located in the spot of Rolling Thunder's station in the Plaza Del Carnaval section of the park.

    El Diablo Video

    The ride was previously slated to be built near Splashwater Oasis in the Golden Kingdom with an asian theme and name, Looping Dragon. The ride is a Larson 22m Giant Loop, the taller and permanent version of the popular "Ring-of-Fire" fair-ride. Larson's decision to label the ride as a "compact roller coaster" has caused Six Flags to also label Looping Dragon and the other new Giant Loops as roller coasters, despite feedback from enthusiasts.

    The video and following images have both been released by Six Flags Great Adventure.

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