• Six Flags Great Adventure has announced their plans to partner with KDC Solar to construct a solar field on property via the following press release:

    New Jersey’s Largest Net-Metered Solar Project
    Planned for Six Flags Great Adventure


    World’s Largest Theme Park Takes Giant Leap
    Toward Reducing Its Carbon Footprint

    JACKSON, NJ – March 26, 2015 – Six Flags Great Adventure, the world’s largest theme park, plans to take a giant step toward reducing its carbon footprint by partnering with KDC Solar LLC. Together they have introduced the state’s largest solar net metering project. KDC Solar will construct, own and operate the solar power system on Six Flags’ property.

    “As part of our ongoing commitment to conservation and eco-friendly initiatives, we intend to generate clean energy,” said Park President John Fitzgerald. “Solar power will significantly reduce our reliance on harmful fossil fuels.”

    KDC Solar estimates that construction will take 16 to 18 months, and that the solar facility will be operational in the second half of 2016.

    As conservationists for the past 40 years, Six Flags Great Adventure has cared for more than 70 different species of animals, including some that are endangered and even extinct in the wild. The Jackson theme park recycles more than 60 percent of its annual waste, including manure, paper, plastic, wood and mixed garbage. The theme park eliminated the use of paper towels in favor of energy-efficient hand dryers, and is firmly committed to other energy-saving programs.

    “We are continually searching for new ways to operate more efficiently and enhance our role as good stewards of the environment,” Fitzgerald said.

    KDC Solar LLC
    KDC Solar supplies commercial, industrials and governments with significantly lower long-term electric costs through solar power. KDC Solar is supported by an allocation of $225 million in equity from Diamond Castle Holdings, a New York-based private equity fund with more than $1.8 billion of committed capital under management. KDC Solar is committed to using clean solar energy to provide economic stimulus and jobs in New Jersey. It currently operates more than 50 megawatts of net-metered solar facilities at 11 different locations and is constructing and permitting 72 megawatts of solar projects at businesses and institutions throughout New Jersey. For more information, visit www.kdcsolar.com.


    This project was initially discovered by Gadv.com weeks prior in the Planning Board meeting notes on Jackson Township's website.

    The first proposal was made to the board on December 1st, 2014:

    The proposal was later approved by the board on March 16th, 2015:



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