• The Joker 4D Free-Fly coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure has opened! Following a brief preview to Season Pass holders on Friday, May 27th, the ride is ready for the public.

    Rising 120 feet in the air, riders sit off the side of the track, while spinning! Every seat and every ride is different, thanks to the freely spinning seats. These differing experience are a result of varying rider weight, weight distribution, and fins on the track that magnetically induce spins.

    We've had the chance to ride The Joker multiple times across each seat, so here's our guide for where to sit for the craziest ride. The green side has more fins than the purple, which means more spins on green. When boarding the train in the station, you'll either sit facing the direction of Nitro, or facing Kingda Ka. Facing Nitro gets you a suprising backflip off the first drop, while facing Kingda Ka gives you a front flip. Here are our favorite seats, ranked from craziest to "not as crazy, but still pretty crazy":

    1. Green side, facing Nitro
    2. Green side, facing Kingda Ka
    3. Purple side, facing Kingda Ka
    4. Purple side, facing Nitro

    We also got permission to record this awesome 360 degree POV!


    Of course, photos of The Joker and media day. View our entire album here.


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