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  • On Friday, 5/30/14, Zumanjaro's catch cars were seen halfway up the tower. On Saturday, 5/31/14, we were able to see the catch cars actually move up and down the tower. At one point during the day, the gondolas were even raised upwards. Cables are attached to the catch cars, which connect to the gondolas (which have the seats) to carry them to the top of the tower. The catch cars have a maintenance basket on top. We witnessed workers standing in the baskets as they slowly descended the tower.

    The two pictures below show the catch cars moving down the tower. All 3 catch cars use the same wench, so they will ascend and descend the tower together.


    We also have new pictures of the queue line for Zumanjaro. Since Kingda Ka is open weekends, we have a new view of the queue from near Kingda Ka's entrance.


  • The park has decided to open Kingda Ka on the weekends until Zumanjaro opens. Previously, Kingda Ka had been closed during the construction. Construction on Zumanjaro progresses during the week, and even ocassionally weekend mornings, causing Kingda Ka to open later in the day.


    With the opening of Kingda Ka and removal of Rolling Thunder, there are great new views of El Toro. This also gives us a peak at the Zumanjaro queue line, looking very heavily landscaped.


  • In anticipation of getting the world's tallest coaster up and running for guests on the busy Memorial Day Weekend, the park cycled trains and tested the coaster on May 22nd, 2014. This halted construction of Zumanjaro(at least for a few days). The ride would open for the weekend to large crowds, then closed following the park's closing on Memorial Day, May 26th.

  • In their effort to get the ride up and running for Memorial Day Weekend, the park tested out Kingda Ka's brake fins on May 18th, 2014. The testing and subsequent opening of Kingda Ka led to Zumanjaro's construction being halted (at least for a few days). The would open for the weekend, and was then closed once again following park closing on Monday, May 26. The video can be seen here(Warning: Very exciting video ahead):

  • On May 17, 2014, our staff went to the park and got a look at the progress of Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom(albeit from a distance). What he came away with was a picture of the station area of the ride. What's so special about that? The picture also shows the roof structures over the Zumanjaro queue line, which will wrap around the tower. As previously known, the ride will have its entrance near Kingda Ka, run down toward the tower, then wrap around and enter the station from the parking lot side of the ride.

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