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  • For the 2013 season, Bizarro's speakers were removed. With no more audio during the ride, the electrical boxes from the last row were removed and 2 seats were added on each train bringing the total number of seats from 30 to 32.

  • For the station of Safari Off-Road Adventure, the park removed the iconic Conestoga Wagon, an original park structure from 1974. This left the Fort as the only one of the "larger than life" structures that used to dominate Froteir Adventures section of the park.

  • On May 17, 2012, Adventure Alley was opened up to members of the media and Season Pass Holders. Included in this was the 242' SkyScreamer StarFlyer tower, the Déjà Vu scrambler(themed with classic Great Adventure logos) and the Air Jumbo flying elephant ride. Fender Benders(Bumper Cars) would not be open yet for another 3 months.

  • For the 2012 season, the sponsorship deal with Tornado snacks for Fantasy Fling had run out, so the ride needed a new name! With it being located in Lake Front, a primarily pirate-themed area, the name Swashbuckler was chosen. The ride remains Swashbuckler to this day.

  • After years of being named Fantasy Fling, the ride formerly known as Round-Up was given a new name and fresh red coat of paint in honor of its new sponsorship by Tornado snacks. The park showed off the new paint job on March 30, 2011 on Facebook.

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