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  • On May 17, 2014, our staff went to the park and got a look at the progress of Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom(albeit from a distance). What he came away with was a picture of the station area of the ride. What's so special about that? The picture also shows the roof structures over the Zumanjaro queue line, which will wrap around the tower. As previously known, the ride will have its entrance near Kingda Ka, run down toward the tower, then wrap around and enter the station from the parking lot side of the ride.

  • The opening date for the park's new Zumanajro: Drop of Doom drop tower was officially postponed on May 16th, which was announced on the parks Facebook page. This announcement seemed like a long time coming after several months of bad weather halted construction in the ride, as well as signs discovered on May 9th that indicated that Memorial Day weekend would turn into late spring. 

    The photo the park posted also gave us our first close-up into the loading area for the ride, as well as showing off two of the gondolas on the tracks.



  • While most new rides open around Memorial Day, the harsh winter took a toll on the construction of Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom. Zumanjaro's openinghad originally been thought to align with other new attractions of recent years(Safari Off-Road Adventure, Green Lantern, etc.), but signs discovered on May 9th were among the first warnings that the newest record-breaker added to Six Flags Great Adventure would not make Memorial Day or any of May. 

  • In May of 2014, the latest victim of Six Flags ad-wrapping of rides arose. This time, instead of one of the park's signature coasters, it was the park's HUSS Top Spin Twister who received the Twix advertising. "The Twixter" as it has been dubbed now features a similar message to the in park signs for Twix, with Left Twix and Right Twix battling it out for superiority.


  • Opening weekend 2014 took place April 12th & 13th. During our trips to the park on April 14th and 19th, and we noticed some progress on Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom

    The following pictures some more detailed work on the track such as the pulleys, catwalks, and other metal pieces added to the track. (There aren't two Kingda Ka's! We just put the new tower next to the old tower.)



    Also spotted opening weekend were the beginings of the Zumanjaro queue line. According to the park map, the queue line will start near the Kingda Ka entrance, shoot off towards Rolling Thunder's area, extend to behind Kingda Ka, then enter from behind. The following picture depicts the queue on April 14th.

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